Harald Austad producing with Reason

Posted by Mattias on 2014-03-07 in Artist stories

Harald 3

Harald Austad is a producer and songwriter from Norway. He’s worked with artists such as Spellemanns winners (Norwegian Grammys artists of the year) Karpe Diem, Madcon and Jaa9&Onkl P and winner of Norway’s Got Talent, Sirius, selling platinum albums and singles. An avid Reason user, we sat down to talk music with Harald.

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Reset Robot

Posted by Mattias on 2014-02-24 in Artist stories

Reset Robot

Who or what is Reset Robot? The chances are, if you’ve been more than an occasional visitor to any of the world’s more discerning dancefloors, you’ll most likely have been exposed to the sound; you may have already given yourself up to the techno and house excursions that have become the Reset Robot blueprint.

The man behind the moniker is David Robertson, Portsmouth based DJ/producer of some repute. Influenced by clubs such as Fabric and Slinky, DJs such as Sasha, Digweed and the Wiggle boys, with time served behind the record store counter, he sculpted his sound meticulously over time, honing it until he was fully ready to deliver a newly crafted sonic signature. And since he uses Reason as his main production tool, we decided to ask him a few questions!

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Creating a rich pad sound with Parsec

Posted by Mattias on 2014-02-24 in Tutorials

Always right on the cutting edge of sound design, Max Rehbein is back with another tutorial. This time he dives into the Parsec Spectral Synthesizer to create a rich pad sound and then take it further, morphing it into a beautiful ambient drip.

You have to hear it to believe it!

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Game Night at PropellerHQ

Posted by Mattias on 2014-02-17 in Crew

It should come as a surprise to no one that there are plenty of geeks at Propellerhead Software. So to take some load off, we organized a game night at PropellerHQ. Some dinner, a couple of beers and more video games than you could shake a stick at—including rarities like Japanese Sega Saturn imports, original Game & Watch games and an Atari 2600! Here are the pictures to prove it.


A riveting multiplayer session of Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Kalle's technique was not doing him any favours though...

A riveting multiplayer session of Stockholm-made classic Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Kalle’s unique play style was not doing him any favours though…

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Think Inside the Box with Kool Kojak

Posted by Ryan Harlin on 2014-02-13 in Artist stories

Before he was Kool Kojak, Allan Grigg and his brother built their own drum set out of tape and pvc pipes and created their own recordings using their boombox. It was the start of a lifelong quest to make the hip hop sounds that inspired him from childhood. His tenacity led him to New York where he interned at legendary hip hop studios, saved for years to get his prized MPC drum machine, and made musical friendships that would lead to number one hit songs around the world.

Kool Kojak’s success is no fluke. He works hard but he plays hard, not afraid to push himself into experimentation and find his own sound. His reputation and credits have led him to work with artists like Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and many many more.

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