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The Echo

Posted by Mattias in Tutorials

The Echo brings together the best features of crisp digital delay, warm crunchy analog delay, space echoing tape delays, and even loop-based effects. We’ll take a look at the major functions of The Echo and explore a few ways you can use its powerful delay settings in your music.

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Getting Down and Dirty with Delay

Posted by Mattias in Tutorials

In our tireless efforts to build new and exciting Reason devices from principal building blocks – because A) it’s fun, B) it showcases the modularity and flexibility of Reason, and C) we played with Lego as kids, and never really grew up – in this month’s Discovering we venture into the realm of complex delay effects. This is a category of FX for which there is no ready-made device in Reason’s toolbox; there’s the DDL-1 for your most basic delay needs, and there’s the RV7000 with its multitap and echo algorithms, but there is no Ultimate MegaDelay™ with six dozen knobs and a coffee machine.

Our mission today, then, will be to build our own in the garage. We’ll be using the trusty old DDL-1 digital delay as a starting point for these patches, and on that foundation we’ll add some flavor and spice to give the delay a unique texture. We’re presenting two patches; the first is a lo-fi delay from the olden days, and the second is a more complex and spaced out creation from an unspecified time in the future.

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