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Reset Robot

Posted by Mattias on 2014-02-24 in Artist stories

Reset Robot

Who or what is Reset Robot? The chances are, if you’ve been more than an occasional visitor to any of the world’s more discerning dancefloors, you’ll most likely have been exposed to the sound; you may have already given yourself up to the techno and house excursions that have become the Reset Robot blueprint.

The man behind the moniker is David Robertson, Portsmouth based DJ/producer of some repute. Influenced by clubs such as Fabric and Slinky, DJs such as Sasha, Digweed and the Wiggle boys, with time served behind the record store counter, he sculpted his sound meticulously over time, honing it until he was fully ready to deliver a newly crafted sonic signature. And since he uses Reason as his main production tool, we decided to ask him a few questions!

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Muttonheads’ Snow White Track by Track

Posted by Ryan Harlin on 2014-01-16 in Artist stories

He makes it look easy and in some sense it is but Jérôme Tissot, better known as Muttonheads, is a master of infectious hooks and banging club synth sounds. Don’t take our word for it, he’s got the #1 hits to prove the point. In this special artist interview from France, Muttonheads walks us through his custom mastering suite and his latest hit “Snow White” track by track to see just how it works. His studio is built around his Reason rack and Muttonheads uses it to great effect indeed!

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David Heartbreak Interview

Posted by Mattias on 2013-09-12 in Artist stories

David Heartbreak

How do you use Reason in your music making?
I use Reason as my canvas, every instrument is a different paint brush and a different color. I always try create that perfect contrast.

What’s the best music making tip you ever got?
Don’t force creativity, if it’s not there do something else.

Do you have any favorite sound or patch?
I don’t have a favorite sound or patch, it depends on the tune that I am trying to create. I love arps, I’ve always been a sucker for a good arpeggio.

What do you do when writer’s block strikes?
I actually have writers block right now haha… the best way for me is to stop and do something else. I usually get writers block when i reach a creative peak. So I try to learn something new, and get into the technical side, possibly rework a song, or try new things with automation. if that doesn’t fix it, I take a vacation from the music process.

What has been the best moment in your music making career thus far?
There’s so many at this point, working with Skrillex, working with Skylar Grey, working with a few other artist i can’t name at the moment. It gets better and better, as I work harder, I see bigger rewards, and that’s the best part to me is the pay off. I never got into music for the money, I always wanted to find a way to outlive myself, and that’s through music, sounds weird, but thats how I look at things.

Any Words of Wisdom for aspiring producers and musicians?
I would tell upcoming produces, to not judge their success by another person. Everyone moves at different speeds. Don’t get sucked into Twitter and Facebook, especially when you’re trying to come up because this may be your down fall mentally. Just be original, be yourself and don’t compromise your talents.

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Posted by Mattias on 2011-12-04 in Artist stories

When a young Benoit Heitz saw a friend’s computer running Reason he had an epiphany: “His computer isn’t better than my parent’s computer. That means I could be making music.” He started out not knowing the first thing about drums or music in general. Three years later he was touring the world as an international DJ.

Surkin’s style is based on inspiration from classic House music, French Dutch house acts like Daft Punk, and his own brand of Surkin “cutups.” Relying heavily on the slicing power of ReCycle and the Dr. Octorex loop player in Reason, Surkin’s sound is chaotic juggling of samples which come together into something undeniably danceable.

We sat down with him in his Parisian studio to check out some of his tricks.

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DJ Lucky Date

Posted by Mattias on 2011-10-04 in Artist stories

When Jordan Atkins-Loria (DJ Lucky Date) was introduced to Reason, he instantly recognized the potential of its synths and set about to master them. Originally following tutorials he found online, Lucky Date began making his own tutorials which showcased his penchant for modern electro dance synths in Reason. As his tutorials grew in popularity, so did his career as a DJ and Producer.

In just a couple short years, DJ Lucky Date has gone from making his first video tutorial to completing 4 electro dance ReFill sound libraries, charting on Beatport, and massive club and festival gigs as a headlininer.

We met up with Jordan one night in LA where he had a few thousand Angelinos jumping and screaming at Avalon in Hollywood, CA. Before the show he walked us through some of the secrets to his massive sounds and even gave us the patches so we can share them with you all.

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