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Felix Cartal

Posted by Mattias on 2011-06-04 in Artist stories

Felix Cartal spent his early years as a musical pinch hitter… filling in for local Vancouver rock bands whenever they suddenly needed a member. After taking a class on MIDI production in high school, however, Cartal realized both the advantages of being a solo artist and the power of producing with Reason. His sound still borrows heavily from his punk rock origins, using synths to convey the heaviness and aggression normally coming from guitar amps.

After successful releases on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records and tours with MSTRKRFT, Felix Cartal is still driven by his band roots both in sound and production philosophy.

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Semothy Jones

Posted by Mattias on 2011-05-04 in Artist stories

Semothy Jones was 8 years old when he heard a record that showed him the meaning of life: producing music. Admittedly unable to sing or rap, young Semothy faced a somewhat existential crisis: “I make beats, what am I?”

The answer soon revealed itself to him when his beats were sought out by UK artists like Little Boots and Professor Green. When Green and Jones decided to do a remake of the 90s hit “Dub Be Good to Me,” they had no idea that pop-royalty Lilly Allen would jump on the chorus and take the song to number 2 on the charts.

Since being introduced to Reason in 2002, every Semothy Jones production starts and ends inside the Reason rack.

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Posted by Mattias on 2011-03-04 in Artist stories

In January 2011 James Jacob, better known to his fans as Jakwob, came to the United States for his first major North American tour. Our cameras met up with him in San Francisco, California to see him live in front of five thousand eager Dubstep fans.

In clubs throughout London, Dubstep has forged a partnership between the influences of Reggae and Drum n’ Bass while borrowing from disparate styles such as House or Heavy Metal. The groove is laid back but the sounds are anything but. And in this still young genre, Jakwob is a master of the Dubstep wobble bass.

His production style is somewhat zen. James is open to experimentation, welcoming of accidents, and humble to the idea that there is no right way to make these notoriously undefinable and awkward bass sounds. A Reason user since version 2.0 and a Record/Reason user for 100% of his production, Jakwob sat down with us to discuss his music making and to show us a couple tricks he’s employed in his tracks.

Please note that ‘Record’, the product Jakwob mentions in the video, is discontinued but all of its features, and then some, lives on in Reason!

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Kill The Noise

Posted by Mattias on 2010-05-05 in Artist stories

Just like the world of Rock ‘n Roll in the mid to late 60s, the world of House music has recently discovered the distortion pedal. And they like it! As house music has grown more aggressive, distorted, and down-right tough… DJ and Producer Jake Stanczak, AKA “Kill the Noise,” has taken the opportunity to drop some beats designed to knock you over on the dance-floor and make you want to get up for more.

We caught up with Kill the Noise in his Los Angeles studio where he showed us a track on his new EP titled Roots on Slow Roast Records. Roots was produced primarily in Reason. We learn how Jake got into Reason, how obsessed he is with the Malstrom, and we get a some wise advice for aspiring producers and DJs out there.

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Brazilian Girls

Posted by Mattias on 2010-02-05 in Artist stories

Brazilian Girls is a New York City based trio that’s neither Brazilian or Girls, save for vocalist Sabina Sciubba. The band was the result of a series of successful jamsessions at the NYC club Nublu. Their music has been labled ‘melting pop’ due to its rich mix of urban sounds ranging from dub, house, pop and much more.

We met with keyboard player Didi Gutman in Brooklyn, NYC to talk about his use of Reason on stage and in the studio. He also goes through the live performance setup he is using with Brazilian Girls, with one Reason document for each song. He is also showing how he sets up and uses Reason’s remote override function to assign keyboard shortcuts to trigger rex loops in the song.

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