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How to Make a Punchy House Bass

Posted by Mattias in Tutorials

Propellerhead Software’s product specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt shows you how to make a punchy house bass combinator in Reason based on the patch “Harsh House Bass” from the Reason Factory Soundbank.

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Posted by Mattias on 2011-12-04 in Artist stories

When a young Benoit Heitz saw a friend’s computer running Reason he had an epiphany: “His computer isn’t better than my parent’s computer. That means I could be making music.” He started out not knowing the first thing about drums or music in general. Three years later he was touring the world as an international DJ.

Surkin’s style is based on inspiration from classic House music, French Dutch house acts like Daft Punk, and his own brand of Surkin “cutups.” Relying heavily on the slicing power of ReCycle and the Dr. Octorex loop player in Reason, Surkin’s sound is chaotic juggling of samples which come together into something undeniably danceable.

We sat down with him in his Parisian studio to check out some of his tricks.

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Kill The Noise

Posted by Mattias on 2010-05-05 in Artist stories

Just like the world of Rock ‘n Roll in the mid to late 60s, the world of House music has recently discovered the distortion pedal. And they like it! As house music has grown more aggressive, distorted, and down-right tough… DJ and Producer Jake Stanczak, AKA “Kill the Noise,” has taken the opportunity to drop some beats designed to knock you over on the dance-floor and make you want to get up for more.

We caught up with Kill the Noise in his Los Angeles studio where he showed us a track on his new EP titled Roots on Slow Roast Records. Roots was produced primarily in Reason. We learn how Jake got into Reason, how obsessed he is with the Malstrom, and we get a some wise advice for aspiring producers and DJs out there.

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