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Think Inside the Box with Kool Kojak

Posted by Ryan Harlin on 2014-02-13 in Artist stories

Before he was Kool Kojak, Allan Grigg and his brother built their own drum set out of tape and pvc pipes and created their own recordings using their boombox. It was the start of a lifelong quest to make the hip hop sounds that inspired him from childhood. His tenacity led him to New York where he interned at legendary hip hop studios, saved for years to get his prized MPC drum machine, and made musical friendships that would lead to number one hit songs around the world.

Kool Kojak’s success is no fluke. He works hard but he plays hard, not afraid to push himself into experimentation and find his own sound. His reputation and credits have led him to work with artists like Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and many many more.

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Muttonheads’ Snow White Track by Track

Posted by Ryan Harlin on 2014-01-16 in Artist stories

He makes it look easy and in some sense it is but Jérôme Tissot, better known as Muttonheads, is a master of infectious hooks and banging club synth sounds. Don’t take our word for it, he’s got the #1 hits to prove the point. In this special artist interview from France, Muttonheads walks us through his custom mastering suite and his latest hit “Snow White” track by track to see just how it works. His studio is built around his Reason rack and Muttonheads uses it to great effect indeed!

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Kirsten Price

Posted by Mattias on 2011-08-04 in Artist stories

Kirsten Price’s music is likely already familiar to you. With TV licensing placements to high profile shows on VH1 and MTV, Price has thrived in the modern music business landscape where publishing is the key to longevity. Her style is eclectic, yet focused. Whether it’s a rock track, a pop ballad, or a hip hop tinged beat it sounds decidedly like a Kirsten Price track.

We met up with Kirsten at a studio in Los Angeles to talk with her about her production work. Fresh off her recent album’s release, Brixton to Brooklyn, Price was already at work on her next project. She walked us through the production, sound by sound, and shared her thoughts about the nature of musicians in general.

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Semothy Jones

Posted by Mattias on 2011-05-04 in Artist stories

Semothy Jones was 8 years old when he heard a record that showed him the meaning of life: producing music. Admittedly unable to sing or rap, young Semothy faced a somewhat existential crisis: “I make beats, what am I?”

The answer soon revealed itself to him when his beats were sought out by UK artists like Little Boots and Professor Green. When Green and Jones decided to do a remake of the 90s hit “Dub Be Good to Me,” they had no idea that pop-royalty Lilly Allen would jump on the chorus and take the song to number 2 on the charts.

Since being introduced to Reason in 2002, every Semothy Jones production starts and ends inside the Reason rack.

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Printz Board (The Black Eyed Peas)

Posted by Mattias on 2011-02-04 in Artist stories

Printz Board, the musical director for The Black Eyed Peas, welcomes us into his self-proclaimed “lab” to witness him creating a song from scratch. In this eye-opening look at the creative process Printz begins like we all do: File — New. After glancing around the random technology on his desk he settles on an arbitrary title: Rewind. And in a matter of minutes he has built up a catchy song sketch with a hook you’re sure to find you self singing after seeing this.

If you’ve ever found yourself singing nonsense words while trying to come up with a lyric, air drumming to figure out how to program a fill, or meandering through presets until inspiration strikes then you’ll definitely want to check this video out. You’ll see you’re not alone. We kinda all do that stuff.

Kudos to Printz for walking the tightrope without a safety net live on camera. Writing a catchy pop song in minutes is no easy feat.

When we interviewed Printz he shared some amazing stories about the formation of the band, the break-out success they had, and the pressures of following up on that success. We didn’t want to litter the cutting room floor of history with these stories and leave them untold. So enjoy these deleted scenes!

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