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Posted by Mattias on 2011-01-05 in Artist stories

When “Alors on Danse” became a massive summer hit across Europe and several other countries around the globe, many people were surprised by its overnight success. Perhaps most surprised was Belgian producer Paul Van Haver. Now known to the world as “Stromae,” Van Haver had revived the anthemic and fun qualities of 1990s dance music with a modern hip-hop twist. Audiences couldn’t get enough of it.

“Alors on Danse” was produced in Reason along with all of Stromae’s music. The now iconic bass line? That’s the NN19. The drum beat you’ve probably bopped to is coming from the Redrum. The NN-XT provides the synth hook that has audiences numbering into the tens of thousands singing out. And in this special interview, Stromae shows us how the track is constructed inside Reason.

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Owl City

Posted by Mattias on 2010-04-05 in Artist stories


As musicians, we all start from humble beginnings. In fact, many people begin by making beats in mom’s basement but few of us ever went directly from mom’s basement to the #1 spot on iTunes, deafening internet chatter, and a sold out US concert tour. However for Adam Young, better known to everyone as “Owl City,” that dream has truly become a reality in the last two years.

Adam is a Music 2.0 success story. While working each day at a factory warehouse, he was busy leveraging social media sites like MySpace to distribute music direct to fans and hone his song-writing/production skill by getting instant feedback from listeners. Each day, Adam would rush home from the warehouse and sit down to capture whatever melody he had been kicking around all day. When Adam sat down to create music, he launched Reason.

We recently spoke with Adam about Reason during his US Concert tour when he stopped by the legendary Fillmore club in San Francisco, CA.

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Cobra Starship

Posted by Mattias on 2009-08-05 in Artist stories

Meet Gabe Saporta and Ryland Blackinton from NYC based Cobra Starship. The band is currently riding high in the charts with their third album ‘Hot Mess’ and the hit single Good Girls Go Bad, featuring Gossip Girl start Leighton Meester.

We went to New Jersey to meet with Gabe and Ryland in the studio as they were putting final touches to the album. We got to talk to them about their use of Reason in songwriting and production and they also did an introduction demo for the beginner. Being pretty new to the Reason way of working they wanted to show other beginners how to get going. In their own way.

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Kevin Hastings

Posted by Mattias on 2008-07-05 in Artist stories

Many keyboard players would give their left foot to play a major world tour. Kevin Hastings drew the winning ticket as he landed the gig with Rihanna’s current world tour. With Reason as his main instrument, he is playing in front of sold-out venues on a daily basis.

Coming from a musical family, he started playing the piano at the age of six. Starting from a classical background, he soon moved over to Jazz and Rock. At the age of 18, he enrolled at Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, California and it was there he started making the connections that got him several high-profile touring gigs.

We met up with Kevin during sound check at the Rihanna show at the Hovet arena in Stockholm, Sweden to learn more about life on the road and how he is using Reason as a performance instrument.

Patch download

In the video above, Kevin shows the Reason patch he is using to play the synth lead on the hit song Umbrella. Click below to download the combinator patch and try it out yourself!
Umbrella combinator patch

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