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Control Remote

Posted by Mattias in Tutorials

Remote – Propellerheadʼs protocol for communication between hardware control surfaces and software applications – quietly celebrated its 5th birthday this January. It was introduced as one of the top billed new features of Reason 3.0 at Winter NAMM in 2005. The purpose of Remote was to save Reason users from the tedium of setting up control surfaces manually, and to provide a tight, seamless integration that makes the control surface an organic and dynamic extension of the software – not unlike having a hardware synth in front of you. Hence the catchphrase “Play Your Reason System”, which has a more musical ring to it than “Program Your Reason System” – itʼs all about eliminating distractions that interrupt the creative flow.

In this article we will be peeking under the hood of Remote and learning how to customize Remote Maps, so that youʼll be able to tweak existing maps to your liking. Why would you want to, you might ask? Well, perhaps you find that the rack device parameters prioritized by the default Remote Map arenʼt the ones you consider to be the most important and useful. Maybe you wish that the parameters controlled by the fader set were controlled by the knob set, and vice versa. Maybe you want to create your own custom setup for live performances. Either way, you have our blessing to hack the Remote Maps to bits!

It should be noted that everything that applies to Reason in this article, also applies to Record – both applications support the Remote protocol – but technically this is “Discovering Reason”, so we will only be referring to Reason henceforth.

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