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Daniel Snow

Posted by Mattias on 2012-09-04 in Artist stories

When Daniel Snow sets out to record he starts out by clearing the dinner table first, not because his mom raised him that way but because that’s where he makes his home studio. Daniel Snow is in many ways the epitome of the modern musician. He records at home in a room that lacks five-figure acoustic installations and six-figure consoles. In fact, he has little else than a collection of instruments to play, Balance and Reason. Yet Daniel’s music sounds fantastic. He has passion, character, talent, and everything else you can’t buy off the shelf.

We visited Daniel Snow in Albuquerque, New Mexico while he was recording a track on his upcoming album to see his process first hand. The song he put together that afternoon is stunning, sounds great, and is a testament to how much you can achieve at home when quality tools meet great ideas.

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Cyra Morgan

Posted by Mattias on 2012-02-04 in Artist stories

Acoustic singer/songwriter Cyra Morgan is about as new as a debut artist can be. How new? She’s using the same pick she started learning guitar with on day one. She hasn’t changed her strings yet because she doesn’t know how.

But these things don’t concern Cyra because she’s soley focused on one thing: Getting out the music she’s heard in her head for 20 years. And in that regard, recording at home with Balance and Reason Essentials has been nothing short of liberating for her. We visited Cyra at her cozy New England house where she’s put together a modest studio to capture her ideas and to hear one of her latest songs, Beautiful Madness.

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Olivia Broadfield

Posted by Mattias on 2011-11-04 in Artist stories

Olivia Broadfield would be the first to admit that a common question when people see her name is “Who is she?” But she also realizes that their common follow up is “Why is she outselling everyone but Owl City on the iTunes chart?” Olivia is a self-producing artist who is more than just a gifted songwriter. She’s has a gift for music publishing as well.

Where most bands finish their album, pile into a van, and start touring it around the country, Olivia takes to the modern online social networks to reach music supervisors and publishing companies. She has secured some of the most coveted film, tv, and commercial placements around, reaching audiences of millions with her music in the process. Most recently, Olivia was featured on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a music placement which has made household names of artists like Imogen Heap.

We sat down with Olivia to hear about her early songwriting, what inspires her, and see how she’s using Reason to create synth hooks from her vocals.

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Peter Malick Home Sessions

Posted by Mattias on 2011-02-03 in Artist stories

Seasoned music producer and Norah Jones collaborator, Peter Malick, packed up his studio and moved it home to his living room and garage. For its maiden session he brought in indie artists Amber Rubarth, Courtney Jones, and a veritable A-List of players from the LA singer-songwriter scene. On Peter’s first days in the new space and first day on Record 1.5 we rolled cameras to capture the new ‘studio’ in action.

In the first video singer-songwriter Courtney Jones records her latest song, “Enemy Fire,” with Peter. The studio stretches through the entire house from the living room where the piano is set up, the den which has an unconventional drum kit, and the back room where Peter has run cables for a make-shift control room.

The second video follows day two in the new studio as Amber Rubarth invites her friends over to help her record “Full Moon in Paris.” Peter Malick balances the common limitations of home recording like a reduced number of microphones and a lack of isolation with the more important goal of capturing a special moment while not letting “bleed” decide important production decisions.

Please note that ‘Record’ is discontinued but all of its features, and then some, lives on in Reason!

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