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NU.F.O. Boston on Vocals & Live Performance

Posted by Mattias on 2014-01-21 in Artist stories


NU.F.O. stands for Newly Formed Objective and that objective for Boston residents Moses and EP1C is to combine their past experience creating music across nearly all styles and genres into a whole new electronic animal. If you listen to their catalog of releases, you’ll find it filled with House, Drum & Bass and Electro beats with vocals at the forefront, sung by both of NU.F.O.’s members: Moses & EP1C. Their vocal style has roots in Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and even R&B with lyrics that are both thoughtful and thought provoking.

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How to Mix Vocals

Posted by Mattias in Tutorials

In these Reason Tips videos Mattias gives you some valuable pointers on mixing vocals. Since vocals are often what carries the track, it’s important to get them sitting right in the mix! Learn how what frequencies to pay attention to, how to make a de-esser in Reason’s mixer, about doubling, compression and parallel processing to make sure your vocals sound great!

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Vocal Production and Perfection

Posted by Mattias in Tutorials

By Giles Reaves

So you finally finished recording all your vocal tracks, but unfortunately you didn’t get one take that was perfect all the way through. You’re also wondering what to do about some excessive sibilance, a few popped “P”s, more than a few pitchy lines and some words that are all but too soft to even be heard – don’t worry, there’s hope! And hey, welcome to the world of vocal editing.

A Little History…

Since the beginning of musical performance, singers (and instrumentalists) have craved the possibility of re-singing that one “if only” note or line. You know the one: “if only I had hit that pitch, if only I had held that note out long enough, if only my voice hadn’t cracked”, etc. With the advent of early recording technologies, these ‘if only’ moments were now being captured, and performers were forced to face reliving those ‘if only’ moments forever! One ‘if only’ moment could ruin an entire take.

With the popularity of analog tape recording in the mid 20th century also comes the popularity of splice editing. Now you can record the same song two different times, and choose the first half of one take and the second half of another. Next comes multi track recording, where you don’t even have to sing the vocal with the band!

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Recording Vocals and Selecting a Microphone

Posted by Mattias in Tutorials

By Gary Bromham

Performing a lead vocal is arguably the toughest job in the recording studio. This in turn puts more emphasis on the importance of capturing and recording the vocal performance as perfectly as possible. Vocalists often tire easily and generally their early takes tend to be the best (before the thinking and over-analyzing takes over!)

Usually, and in a very short space of time, an engineer has to decide which mic, signal path (preamp, compressor eq etc) to use, set the correct level for recording and headphone balance, create the right atmosphere for singing and generally be subjected to, at best, minor grunts, at worst verbal abuse until the penny drops! Vocalists are a sensitive bunch and need nurturing, cuddling and whatever else it takes to make them feel like a supertar!

During this article I shall attempt to set out a strategy for accomplishing these goals and maybe throw in a tip or two I’ve picked up along the way to assist in capturing the perfect take.

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