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Reason Vocoding 101

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Discovering Part5 1

Look who’s talking now.

Lo and behold: Reason 2.5 is out. The bad news is, it still won’t do your homework or your household chores for you; the good news is, at least it can talk. The BV-512 Digital Vocoder vocoder is a cutting-edge space-age rendition of a hardware Vocoder, with a whopping 512 bands and an equalizer mode.

A brief history of the Vo(co)der

The year was 1928 and Homer W. Dudley of Bell Telephone Laboratories, New Jersey, embarked on his own private Homer’s Odyssey in search of a way to reduce the bandwidth required for telephony, in order to boost transmission capacity. Little did he know that he was way ahead of his time – nowadays, a similar process is used by mobile telephone operators to squeeze more calls into the systems, by way of digital technology like Dynamic Half-Rate Allocation and Adaptive Multi-Rate Codecs. Homer’s idea was to analyze the voice signal, break it down and resynthesize it into a less bandwidth-hungry signal. He called this process “parallel bandpass speech analysis and resynthesis” and conceptualized it through a prototype named The Vocoder (short for “voice coder”). The Vocoder evolved into a more commercially viable design, got renamed to “The Voder” and was unveiled in front of a large audience at the 1939 World Fair. You can listen to a demo of the original 1939 Voder here:

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