Discovering Reason


Reason’s endless possibilities are not always obvious and there’s a myriad of nifty tricks hidden in this open-ended production environment. We are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to become lazy and get stuck in routines – routines which are often a heritage from other production environments that emphasize on quantity and diversity rather than flexibility and experimentalism.

The articles will assume that you have a fair amount of experience with Reason, and will not cover all the details of certain basic operations. Consult the Reason Operation Manual if you stumble upon something unfamiliar.

Part 1: Ask Dr. REX! by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 2: Dial R for ReDrum by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 3: Mastering Mastering by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 4: What is the Matrix? by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 5: Reason Vocoding 101 by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 6: Scream and Scream Again by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 7: Space Madness! by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 8: Six strings attached by Jerry McPherson
Part 9: Take it to the NN-XT level by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 10: Itsy Bitsy Spiders – part I by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 11: Itsy Bitsy Spiders – part II by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 12: Filter Up by Kurt “Peff” Kurasaki
Part 13: Go With the Workflow by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 14: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Combinator – part I by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 15: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Combinator – part II by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 16: One Hand in the Mix – Combinator Crossfaders by Kurt “Peff” Kurasaki
Part 17: Let’s RPG-8! by Fredrik Hylvander
Part 18: Making friends with clips by Fredrik Hylvander
Part 19: Thor demystified 1: The Analogue Oscillator by Gordon Reid
Part 20: Thor demystified 2: Analog AM & Sync by Gordon Reid
Part 21: Thor demystified 3: Pulse Width Modulation by Gordon Reid
Part 22: Thor demystified 4: The Multi Oscillator by Gordon Reid
Part 23: Thor demystified 5: The Noise Oscillator by Gordon Reid
Part 24: Thor demystified 6: Standing on Alien Shorelines by Gordon Reid
Part 25: Thor demystified 7: The Phase Modulation Oscillator by Gordon Reid
Part 26: Getting down & dirty with delay by Fredrik Hägglund and James Bernard
Part 27: Thor demystified 8: More on Phase Modulation by Gordon Reid
Part 28: Lost & found: Hidden gems in Reason 4 by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 29: Thor demystified 9: An introduction to FM Synthesis pt 1 by Gordon Reid
Part 30: Thor demystified 10: An introduction to FM Synthesis pt 2 by Gordon Reid
Part 31: Thor demystified 11: The Wavetable oscillator pt 1 by Gordon Reid
Part 32: Thor demystified 12: The Wavetable oscillator pt 2 by Gordon Reid
Part 33: Control Remote by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 34: Thor demystified 13: Intro to filters by Gordon Reid
Part 35: Thor demystified 14: High pass filters by Gordon Reid
Part 36: Thor demystified 15: Resonance by Gordon Reid
Part 37: Thor demystified 16: Comb Filters by Gordon Reid
Part 38: Thor demystified 17: Formant Filters by Gordon Reid
Part 39: Creative Sampling Tricks by Fredrik Hägglund
Part 40: Control Voltages and Gates by Gordon Reid