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The look of people looking at something cool

posted by Tage Widsell 2012-03-19 at 11:20

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Getting ready for next week...

posted by Tage Widsell 2012-03-16 at 13:49

Leo is busy setting up a dry run of next week's conference. 

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Building something big...

posted by Peter Fornwall 2012-03-08 at 14:55

My bets are on red...

We're also really keen on venturing into railroad or ricochet robots technology...

Games and beer are always a good excuse to escape from construction work for a couple of hours!

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posted by Mattias Häggström Gerdt 2012-02-24 at 11:43

This last weekend I was at Mojam. A game jam (people meet and develop a game during a short amount of time) for charity organized by Mojang, makers of Minecraft. The thought was to develop a game during 60 hours and let people donate to charity and, in return, get the game and other bonuses.

Me and my friend C418 did the music for the game that was made, Catacomb Snatch, and I made all the sound fx too.

It was three sweaty days filled with caffeine and greasy food but when it all was said and done, people had raised over $450,000 for charity! That still makes me smile when I think about it. :)

I'm very proud to have been a part of it AND I'm quite proud of the soundtrack and sound fx! My part was all done in Reason too, of course. You can listen to what me and C418 came up with during the jam in the SoundCloud player below.

 Catacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack by Mattias Häggström Gerdt 

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Leo's first blog entry / The NAMM show

posted by Leo Der Stepanians 2012-02-21 at 11:55

Hi everyone,

My name is Leo Der Stepanians and I'm the new Sr. Hardware Product Manager here at Propellerhead.  This basically means I get to talk with customers, dream up cool new hardware products, and oversee  development of these products.  As a musician and composer, I'm convinced I have the coolest job in the world!

So I'm originally from Los Angeles and when I told my friends I'm moving to Sweden in the dead of Winter, they all told me I was crazy.  Why did I do it?  Well... I've happily used Reason for 10 years and I was so thoroughly impressed by everyone I met at Propellerhead, I just couldn't say no.  Plus, I know how glorious the summers can be in Stockholm!  Long, glorious, days I tell you.  Plus I wanted some adventure in my life and it looks like I got it.

Anyway, the last thing I did before shipping all my stuff and boarding a one-way flight to Sweden was to attend the NAMM show.  I love this show.  It's a chance to drool over new gear and to conduct important business meetings.  I think the most important meetings actually happen *after* 6pm, when everyone goes to the bars at the Mariott or Hilton hotels (I'm a Mariott bar kind of guy myself).  Here, I get to meet all my friends working in the industry and also to make new friends over a drink (or three :)

Here are some pictures I took at the show:

Here are Katarina (Chairwoman) and Ernst (CEO and Our Fearless Leader)


From left to right:  Anders Hansson (EMEA Sales Manager), Thomas Wendt (Propellerhead European PR), Matt Piper (Propellerhead Product Specialist at Line 6)


Matt Piper (left) and me.


Take care,


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Propellerhead on the Slopes

posted by Craig Walsh 2012-02-20 at 13:17

So on Saturday, a few of us got up at stupid o'clock in the morning and met up at the bus station in central Stockholm to take the bus up to Romme Alpin, a ski resort about three hours north.

We took some pictures for you.

Elin salutes the slope with a hot coffee.

Leo has a NU SHOOZ.

Craig, Magnus, and Klara. But are they there for the slopes, or are they just in a band from the 80s?The random guy in the background is definitely not in the band. But perhaps he could be, if his name begins with a "Y". We could make him stand between Magnus & Klara.

Elin & Magnus doing the skier's dance. Or perhaps the Can-Can.

Elin gets some air...

...but Magnus gets more.

Oh no! We killed Klara. (Actually, she's ok. There will be no disturbances to normal web development and database maintenance services.)

They must have known we were coming. Look at the boxes of fries we got! (N.b. This is by no means a subtle hint, or preview, or any kind of indication of future features or additions to our software. It's just a box of fries.)

Joakim is kitted out to go to the bar. Or is he going parachuting?

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Developer Lunch

posted by Peter Fornwall 2012-02-15 at 18:10

Exciting discussions at lunch today, I so wish that I could tell you all what those onion rings and fries represent!!!

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Getting out of your safe-zone

posted by Leo Nathorst-Böös 2012-02-13 at 16:16

Many of us here at Propellerhead are, as you might imagine, synth geeks. I myself, don't have a lot of hardware synths. Over the years I've made a number of attempts at finding gear that will complement Reason and give me new ways of approaching composition and sound generation, but haven't really found my thing until I stumbled upon the Eurorack modular system last summer.

The modular format gives me new ways to think about both sound creation and melodies. Or rather, it forces me to. Only having access to an eight-step analogue sequencer and a bunch of LFOs makes for melodies and little patterns that I'd never come up with on a keyboard. And since I have a limited selection of stuff in my rack, I have to come up with new ways of creating the sounds I want, and often end up with the complete opposite of what I was trying to do. You get the idea...

As an example — here's a little thingie I recorded last night. The drums and effects are all from Reason, of course!

Modular Slomo Beats by Leo Nathorst-Böös

Moral of the story? There is none. :-) But for me, the key to inspiration is often to get out of my safe zone and try a new instrument. Regardless of whether that's patching up a new sound on my modular or picking up the guitar! What's your trick when the oh so familiar writer's block strikes?

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Oh, Joy!

posted by Mattias Häggström Gerdt 2012-02-09 at 14:13

The local meze place Babel Deli has suddenly started to stock one of my favorite drinks on earth: CLUB-MATE. As you can usually only get this in Berlin, this is a joyous occasion so big that I wanted to share it with you! :)

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Yet another Reason to celebrate?

posted by Peter Fornwall 2012-02-01 at 14:03

Looks like Magnus thinks that we've achieved something fantastic!

Let's celebrate with some cake! :)

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