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PropShop update

posted by Tage Widsell 2009-02-05 at 16:16

I'm so far behind Dan's plan update tsunami it's not even funny anymore.

So what's new from the PolPots of marketing this week? Actually, we did a pretty nice update to the PropShop that Klara just uploaded. Ever since the PropShop opened back in the web's Jurassic period (1997), we have had UPS as one of the shipping alternatives. UPS actually stomps the other options, being fast reliable and the added bonus of having your package delivered by a guy in a handsome brown outfit.

But the coolest thing about UPS shipping is the tracking. I can't help it. Whenever I order something that is shipped with UPS, I'm a sucker for that tracking page and I can't stop checking back to see that "aahhh, my die-cast miniature Prius has now cleared Customs in Osaka. Where will it turn up next?".

In the PropShop, doing this was a bit complicated until yesterday. You had to copy the shipment's reference number and enter that together with address and other stuff at to track your shipment. As of now, you can track it directly here at In the PropShop, there is now a page callen My Orders where all your propshop orders are listed, and you can also track your shipments there, without any hassles at all.

Now, doesn't this sound like fun? Want to try it out? Order yourself something nice and pick the UPS option and soon you can join in the tracking craze. (sorry, I can't help it. I'm in marketing)

We also added a little navigation tweak to the shop. In the past, there wasn't really a good way to go back to a shop category from the product details page. Now we have added a so called 'breadcrumb' to allow PropShop shoppers to backtrack their steps. Want to try it out? Just go to the PropShop and browse the different categories, such as ReFill downloads. While you're at it, hit the 'add to cart' link now and then and then go to the 'check out' page to finish your order. Oh, here I go again. Sorry.

In addition to new web content such as artist stories, Discovering Reason (new Thor article is coming next week) etc, little updates like these are happening all the time. There's a lot of things happening that isn't really visible for most site visitors. Recent updates include Paypal options in the shop (wanna try it out? ...oh sorry), a UI update in the support section our ongoing move to use YouTube for all our videos etc etc

The bulk of our web application code is written by Klara, our ehh... web application coder. I'm filling in when I'm needed or of nobody stops me, but since I have a tendency to write overly complicated code for very simple tasks (two dimensional arrays, anyone?) I try to stay in the background and do some video stuff or something where I can't break stuff.

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