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Thursday in the kitchen

posted by Tage Widsell 2012-04-19 at 13:12

club monome

Thursday at lunch is the meeting time for Club Monome Couch  - Klara & Craig's club to enjoy monome, software setup and awesomely ergonomic workspace configurations.

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Comment posted by: clarktw - 2012-04-19 14:45

Wow, now that looks to be very RE-laxing. But I've got to know, please! Where did Klara get her shoes?! Do they have them in a green and gold?

Comment posted by: Klara - 2012-04-19 15:44

Do you like them? I have a pair of purple/black ones as well. Thinking of getting green ones. And orange. And maybe red.

I think you'll have to settle for green and yellow instead of gold, but check with your local Puma store. :-)

Comment posted by: clarktw - 2012-04-19 16:52

Ah! I thought they may be Puma. May I ask: what is the "Reason color" designation on the official worldwide Color Chart? Klara, it's great to see you in person and tell Tage to let us click and enlarge the pic of you and that nefarious looking fellow. Most members probably don't realize that our usernames and Profiles are in your tender and caring hands.

Comment posted by: fgitler - 2012-04-26 21:53

I wonder where we can hear the sonic output of this club? :)

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