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New micro tutorial: Comp mode

posted by Record Blog 2009-07-09 at 12:58

We just uploaded a new Record micro tutorial. This one shows how Records comping editor will help you build perfect performances out of multiple takes.

See it here.

/Tage Widsell

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Comment posted by: cmrybus - 2009-07-11 06:58

I love it. as a PT user, I really like the new easy to edit clips feature. You guys know exactly what I want, lol. Minus the Gate/Expander...

Comment posted by: LazyOne23 - 2009-07-13 20:56

Nice cross fade!!! I hate that unwanted clipping. Thanks props!!!

Comment posted by: selfdude - 2009-07-24 05:38

I'm sold!! I think the play-list-style-loop-record-comp idea will bring joy to the whole process. We've come along way from the panic inducing prospect of a single take, tape recording.

An unrelated question: Just want to make sure but, my pocket pod, which has a usb; will it be supported in record? Will its amps and cabs work? I know you say anything Line6 with a usb but everything that gets mentioned is at the higher end of line6 hardware, pocket pod is at the lowest of low ends. Thank you!!

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