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posted by Marcus Zetterquist 2005-03-08 at 19:02
Uh-uh: 1 day, 15 hours, 55 minutes. Countdowns make me nervous.

Last two weeks we've done experiments with new technology here at the development department. Everyone gets to pick a cool subject and explore it, maybe writing small programs and stuff. Some of this might even make it into a product, but some is just about learning new things.

There were a few things that I think would interest you guys!

We've also had a post-mortem meeting covering the whole Reason 3 project. We have a small post-mortem after each milestone of the project, then one big one at the end. It's a way for us to step back and reevaluate what and _how_ we're doing things. This is always a learning experience.

Right now I'm working on distilling a number of action points out of the post-mortem meeting protocol. It's important to turn a thing like "wouldn't it be nice if beta testers and developers could use the same tracking system" - which is very good idea - into something with more bite. Like "Marcus must make beta test board and developer bug tracker integrate by June 1.". Or something.

We always do some refactoring (= cleaning up old code) for each release, and this time I feel the Reason source code is actually in better shape than ever. Old code that was done 5,6,7 years ago can be done cleaner and tighter today, since we?re more skilled and we use better tools. It is a hard thing to avoid this big pile of code to slowly deteriorate, which is a very common problem with software.

I'm really excited Reason 3 is shipping! We've worked hard for a very long time on this! Really. Hard. If you haven't tried Reason 3 yet, you really need to try it yourself. Some of the best improvements are a little subtle.

I'm especially looking forward to the weird Combinator patches that will be created. The factory patches are amazing out of the box, but it will probably take time to explore the Combinator to the max. This will to cool.

I also have high hopes for the new Remote-thing. Up until now, setting up the hardware panels, application and drivers have been as easy to use as getting Word Perfect working with a matrix printer in, like 1985. Maybe hardware panels with displays and motorized faders will _really _be taking off 2005! It?s been a long time coming.

"2005 is the year of the hardware surfaces!", as Steve would have put it. :-)

My next post is scheduled for the 2005-2006 timeframe.


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