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posted by Marcus Zetterquist 2006-05-19 at 23:00
We have rented the space next to our current office. Up until now new've had floor 5 and 6 of half the building, now we have both entire floors.

No, it's not a _huge_ building :-) And no, there is no giantic "Propellerheads" sign on the top of the building! Would be cool though! "Propellerheads" spinning slowly over Stockholm!

Development is done on floor 6. This is to keep the noise level and distractions down, but it's also about secrecy. Floor 6 has been getting really crowded, so a priority is to make use of the rest of floor 6. Especially since we're hiring more developers.

It's very complicated to figure out how to furnish since we have so many conflicting needs. We need to be able to concentrate all day - getting into the "flow" _and_ have easy communcation, for example.

Another issue worth thinking about is that having the company on two separate floors (like we've had for some time already) makes it hard to keep the "us" feeling. It easily becomes "us" vs. "them". So far we've kept all meeting rooms, coffe-machines etc. at floor 5 so people from both floors at least get to _see_ eachother everyday!

Looking forward to our new furnishing!

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