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posted by Marcus Zetterquist 2007-01-12 at 19:03
I'm back!

This has been my first week at work for a long time.

In September I became a dad for the first time, three month ahead of schedule. A first for me. Both the dad part and the ahead-of-schedule part.

Susanne and me have been living at the hospital for a long time, then at home with regular visits by a nurse from the hospital. We're all fine now, all three of us. Our daughter's name is "Irma".

I've been teaching her about computers and music and other important stuff, but progress is disappointingly slow. Maybe the incubator muffled my voice in the beginning.

Two new developers have started working here during my absence, Mats and Lars. Roland started just before I got busy elsewhere. Now we need to hire a developer called "Korg".

This makes a total of 17 people working in the development department! There is enough brainpower here to power one of those cool octopus-machines in the Matrix all by ourselves!

I spent my first week trying to catch up on the status of things and helping with some project planning. Lot's of talk about ice cream as usual. Makes me hungry.

Can't tell any details. Top secret. The secrecy allows us to change things around without breaking any promises, which is really important to us. Under-promise and over-deliver!

And we have to remember to be a good example to Steve.

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Comment posted by: Marando - 2007-01-31 03:41

Hi, congratulations with your daughter! I hope everything is still going great out there!

So, 17 people on the development department. Sounds great! How many where working on the development department when Reason 2 whas released? Just wondering..

Hmmm 17 people.. Do they all work on the next version of Reason? (I know you are not going to answer this question.. well, I't not a real question, it's just me thinking out loud.. :p )

Well. take care!

Comment posted by: blank - 2007-03-01 01:42

There were 8 developers working on Reason 2.0 back in 2002: Marcus, Dan, Peter, Jesper, Fredrik S, Fredrik L and Jonas - plus Magnus Lidström (freelancer) who designed the Malström.

Comment posted by: jaAS - 2009-01-22 01:42

A child was born!!! :)

concratulations and many health for the little sun and her parents too.

Comment posted by: Bigpapajones2009 - 2010-01-05 06:32

Concratulations much blessings

Comment posted by: chaingun - 2010-02-26 05:45

Whats up? I was just woundering, when are you guys coming out with a refill organizer. I have so many differnt refills It would be great if reasons had a patch or somthing that would sacan the users system and orgainze rifill by samples, patches, d-rex refills, thor, etc into their own folders in the reasons folder.

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