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An epic tour of our new office!

posted by Leo Nathorst-Böös 2009-09-22 at 15:47

Even more proof that Requiem for a Tower makes anything epic

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Comment posted by: EnochLight - 2009-09-22 16:17

LOL - very true. That said, nice office.

Comment posted by: eXode - 2009-09-22 16:17

Is this situated in the red brick building on the opposite side of Dragon House?

Comment posted by: John - 2009-09-22 16:40

@eXode, yes it is!

Comment posted by: Koshdukai - 2009-09-22 16:56

WOAH! Epic, indeed! :D

Nice HQ ^^

Comment posted by: eXode - 2009-09-22 16:59


Comment posted by: deepndark - 2009-09-24 06:00

WOW - i just shat my pants lol xD.
Anyhow what was your reason to move there - are you gonna hire more people?

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