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SpyCam: X-mas Party

posted by Mattias Häggström Gerdt 2011-12-15 at 13:30

It's tradition to have what we call a "julbord" in Sweden around x-mas. It can roughly be translated to "x-mas table" and involves eating a lot of traditional food, drinking and enjoying life. This year it was a bit less traditional but oh-so-fun! SpyCam (i.e. Kalle Paulsson) snapped quite a few pictures so you can get some insight to how we party. :)

Party started at the office. Here Jacob, Ernst and Tage are enjoying some glögg and gingerbread with gorgonzola (trust us, it IS good).

Thomas Wendt visited us from Germany and he, too, enjoys his glögg! For the record, glögg is heated mulled wine and a Swedish x-mas tradition.

Ryan flew in from San Francisco too, no way would he miss a chance to show off his stunning good looks at a big party!

Champagne makes sales manager Anders Hansson giggle.

Leo is NOT amused. Magnus is.

To start off this less-than-traditional julbord we had an assortment of amazing sushi. As the starter at a traditional julbord is also mostly raw fish it felt strangely familiar anyway.

Gerry Basserman, Director of North American Markets, putting on his best party face. Irresistible!

When santa is at the party even the strongest of men gets a bit nervous. Here's James Bernard, a bit to frightened to look santa in the eye.

Turns out santa was actually Fredrik Hylvander though. A big shock! He still delivered many x-mas presents to all employees that may or may not have been alcoholic. ;)

Mr Product Support, John Boqvist, didn't get a x-mas gift though and was not happy about this. Needless to say this was sorted out and he's now a happier man!

When Pelle's not making everything sound amazing with his DSP magic he quite enjoys posing for photographs! Next to him is the "de-santa-fied" Fredrik Hylvander.

Product managers Ludde and Mats knows how to enjoy a party and IT-guy Daniel isn't far behind in knowledge.

It's hard to find people more photogenic than Fredrik and Elin.

Kalle Paulsson, Product Manager of Mobile & Apps, took on the role of party Big Brother. He's watching. Always.

Finally, here's me showing off my geeky t-shirt and thoroughly enjoying the party.

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Comments (3)

Comment posted by: EnochLight - 2011-12-15 15:20

"He still delivered many x-mas presents to all employees that may or may not have been alcoholic."

LOL! See - this is what I love about this company. Even the alcoholics get presents! ;^)

Comment posted by: 3rdFloorSound - 2011-12-18 15:08

Where would you even FIND a Galaga t-shirt?!

Comment posted by: picass069 - 2011-12-21 15:36

Gerry Basserman. How could you not have a guy with that name working for you.

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