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NAMM 2012 (via Ernst)

posted by Mattias Häggström Gerdt 2012-01-21 at 17:55

Some Propellerheads are luckier than others and are currently at NAMM. While we don't have a booth we DO have meetings and gear to check out. Being really jealous, I asked everyone to take a some pictures for me and Ernst just send a few I thought I'd share.

The Arturia MiniBrute has been the talk around many sites and we admit, it sounds like a really cool little power synth.

MPC+iPad? Colour me intrigued.

Our friends at Teenage Engineering seem to always have interesting things to show. This 3x0P-1 stand is ridiculously cool.

If you try to run away with some stolen gear, this guy will most likely catch up with you. :)

Korg's new KAOSS products. At least half of us want one already.

Wooden synth anyone? If they're anywhere, they're at NAMM.

Thanks a lot for these Ernst! Hopefully we'll have some more pictures to show you once everyone's back at the office.

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Comment posted by: Koshdukai - 2012-01-23 12:27

It's funny one being interested (speaking for myself) in two completely opposite products: Arturia's mono analog synth and Teenage Engineering's OP-1 poly digital "little" workhorse ...because... it does almost everything (even games!) and now with the OPlab it can even make you Coffee if you know how to connect the dots ;)

That Akai MPC Fly is quite a nice and natural use of the iPad :)
I like that more controller manufacturers are taking advantage of the iPad as the "powerful" brain and display (and touch input when it makes sense) for their products.

There's now even mixer controllers for the iPad!

WNAMM2012 was a very interesting NAMM to follow :)

Comment posted by: Koshdukai - 2012-01-25 16:18

btw... these "little" mono pure analog synths that are starting to pop all over the place are just perfect to add that extra spice on a pure digital setup, either through sampling (when it's appropriate, depending on the sound patch) or through audio recording of the live performance which Reason 6 can deal with perfectly: Sampling & Audio recording :), anyone with a TE OP-1 (or even an iPad) will know that it'll be the perfect companion to this MiniBrute to sample and get polyphonic versions of the sound patch, to play, acting as a real keyb controller or simply to multi-track audio recording of the thing ^^

Indeed, the future is bright music production-wise
...erm, and we don't even know what's coming out of Props!!! ;D

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