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More Musikmesse!

posted by Mattias Häggström Gerdt 2012-03-26 at 10:17

I was also at Musikmesse but at the public day, Saturday. During the "industry days" I was still running around the mighty internet talking to everyone and everything about Rack Extenions and reading up what people think! 

In any case, here are some pictures I took at Messe:

Magnus enjoys the first (but not the last) weissbier of the trip!

I couldn't help myself and ordered Schweinshaxe. It was giant but good!

Anders Molander and Fredrik Littmarck possibly discussing something interesting.

Magnus took a moment to sit down with Softube and talk about... well, who knows?

u-he's prototype Diva controller - glorious!

u-he also proudly wore the Rack Extension logo!. In fact you could even try the first two Uhbik Rack Extensions on their demo computer!

Magnus, Marcus (Propellerheads) and Clemens (u-he) - talking about programmer stuff of course. It was all quite over my head!

There were vintage synths! This is the glorious Polysix.

And here's one of my favorites, the Pro One.

Mats looking good at the coolest couch ever. The Minitaur sounded pretty great too!

Jacob Palicki's getting his modular on. Great noises were made!

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Comment posted by: 3rdFloorSound - 2012-03-28 14:02

That Diva controller looks like it came out pretty great.

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