SpyCam September 2000

The SpyCam is back after a long hiatus. Here are some snapshots from the everyday struggle here at the office.

Yoga time.
Our favorite DnB combo, Yoga, dropped by the office to check out the progress.Yoga made one of the demo songs for Reason.
Sep. 22 2000

The crew watch with delight and anticipation as Dan uncorks the champagne bottle to celebrate the closing of Reason MileStone 9.
Sep. 06 2000

It's a hard life.
One of our office aliens didn't feel very good after the MS 9 bash.
Sep. 06 2000

The screaming room.
This is the door to our office's screaming room. When a compile fails, when there's no more coffee, or when there's nothing else to do, a visit to the screaming room can be fun.
Sep. 06 2000
Sept 06 2000

Inside the screening room.
This is inside the screaming room, looking up. It's a weird place. Rumor has it bats and owls and undead cats live up there. We don't want to know...
Sep. 06 2000

Essential Debugging tools.
Fredrik Solenberg has yet to reveal exactly how he uses this potato press that has been on his desk since April as a debugging tool. On second thoughts, we don't want to know.
Sep. 06 2000

Now where is that win98 cd?
This is actually where we store all the software we are using at the office. We have two large cardboard boxes filled with a gazillion worth of software. Why? You don't want to know.
Sep. 06 2000