SpyCam December 2000

Once again the SpyCam returns after another long sleep to reveal the intriguing, exciting, spectacular:

Welcome to the exclusive preview of the thrilling behind the scenes look at the final days of the Reason project and the havoc that followed.

A common sight during the last hectic weeks of coding mayhem: Marcus, Magnus and Fredrik about to devour some delicious pizza delivered from the ever so lovely people at Pizza Express. .

If you think he's looking relaxed, it's just a pose. Fredrik is actually working with AppleScript to automate the build process. A not so relaxing process. The build process is where a computer compiles all the code into a program that (hopefully) can run on a computer.

Our trusty work horses - the build machines that were used to build the actual Reason versions that ended up on the program CD. The note taped to the monitors reads 'How to build a Propellerhead Product'. If it only were that easy...

Pelle, Fredrik and Dan: Three happy programmer posing with the golden master CDs before sending them off to the CD-plant. Notice Fredrik's manic facial expression? He's insane. That's why. The AppleScript job described above took away what little sanity there was left. Fredrik and Magnus actually made a song about this state of mind: FinkelFunkel. It was created while compliling one of the last Reason builds at 4 in the morning.

Propellerhead CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös handing over the Golden Master to the taxi driver that will take it to the CD plant. This marks the final Release of Reason. Not very dramatic, is it?

Michael, Marcus and Fredrik scrutinizes the Reason boxes that has just been delivered to the office. Looking good, eh?

...and finally, the CDs arrive too. Now we only need to ship it.

A loooong string of waybills printed out for the grand shipping weekend. The total length of all the waybills were more than 67 meters!

Niels and Michael and some of the piles of UPS packages waiting for the first Reason Delivery pickup ever...

... and then we had the all-important release dinner with the Synkron guys (the tech writers that make all our documentation).

So...what happens next? The usual of course. Where? Rangus Tangus as usual.

Part II - old enemies

To wrap this spycam issue up, we've got some new close-up shots of an old friend we would like to share.

Oh sure. It looks cute, but wait until you hear it's high-pitched brain-piercing continuos barking. The old lady that owns the dog ties it up outside the office when she goes shopping (usually twice a day) and then it barks like mad for the full 20 minutes she spends in the shop (what's dat woman doin in dere for all dat time?).

We show these shots in hope that someone who knows more about dogs could estimate this little monster's age. It looks quite old, doesn't it? Maybe it will die soon without any help from us?

This is what it looks like when barking. Awful creature.