SpyCam January 2001

Yes, it's time for the spycam to go west again for this year's NAMM show. More pictures will be added on a daily basis.

After a long 18 hour flight from Sweden to LA, what better than to sit back, relax and enjoy the best of American culture: Wrestling!

The booth on tuesday morning. Most of the booth is ready, but some things remain to be done as you can see.

Unpacking the demo computers. The nice and shiny G4 on loan turned out to be broken though.

The demo computer's are being set up. Marcus still haven't given up on the G4...

Marcus and Pelle diving deep into the G4. 'What if we remove the second display card, get new drivers and perform an exorcism?'

Ernst and Tage with the makeshift PowerBook network. How to move a file from Ernst's PowerBook to one of the demo PCs? First transfer it to Tage's PowerBook on a Zip, then transfer is to Dan's PowerBook over IR and then use the floppy drive in Dan's PowerBook to copy the file to the PC. Easy. Stupid.

The demo computers with the anti-tampering shrink-wrap plastic. Neat!

The booth in all it's glory. Check out the banners!

...and the other side.

Our secret weapon in the NAMM audio war - a Yamaha sub woofer. Also visible: a neat cluster of cables.

Our nice floor got worn out while setting up the booth, so the last thing we did was to give it a good scrubbing with scotch-brite sponges. Here, our head of development and sales manager show how to do it.

Pics from thursday

The booth finally came together and the show started... Phew!

Guess who showed ut? Jesuspark and his girlfriend Nina. Note that Good old JP no longer have any hair!

Ernst and review guru Craig Anderton.

Our PR-genius Marsha and Karla how helps us out at the booth. Marsha is one of the SpyCams biggest fans and now she's in it too!

A nice gadget: The Tascam US-428. USB-Audio card, MIDI controller and MIDI interface in one box.

Lords of the dance... Tage, Dan and Rodney from Steinberg went clubbbing in Newport Beach (of all places). Don't know what's so unlikely about Newport Beach, but everybody seems to add 'of all places' when they mention that place so I'll do it too. Maybe it's called just that: Newport Beach Of All Places.

Rodney and his friend Batwoman who danced at the club in Newport Beach Of All Places.