SpyCam January 2002 - The NAMM issue

It's NAMM time again and although the actual spycam got stolen in one of the many break-ins our former security chief Zadak failed to stop, we have some sub standard video stills and pictures from helpful friends that we'd like to share (thanks Peff!).

Unpacking day. Niels giving orders! Midimen Jimmy and John look confused. Is John trying to hide back there?

We were still unpacking when our press guru Marsha came by with the MacWorld award she had fetched for us in San Fransisco. Yes Marsha, you made it to the spy cam again.

Ernst and Bowen from Midiman. Bowen helped us get our internet connection working. Thanks Bowen. Note the weird Reason T-Shirt? These were the shirts we made for NAMM 2000 when we showed Reason for the first time. They are now unofficial and that means that Bowen must be destroyed. Sorry Bowen.

Ernst with the Electronic Musician Editors' Choice award presented to us the day before the NAMM show. We really should do one of those award bragging pages now.

One of Dan's frequent rabies attacks occured during dinnner the day before thte show began. There is medication!

Dan and Stefan after the rabies attack. Stefan is not a Propellerhead, but joined us to the show to demo Reason live.

Kristoffer with the stylish MacOS X demo station. We borrowed one of Midiman's fantastic Surface One touch sensitive MIDI controllers.

From the hotel room. Is this what all Americans do to get their electric appliances to work? Whatever we tried to plug in would always fall out again until we made the AC-adaptor-extra plug adaptor-plug construction.

Day 2 and 3

The Puff playing a live jam at the booth using two PowerBooks, two Midiman Oxygen 8 USB controllers and a DJ mixer.

This year's cool booth design award goes to... Emagic. Their large booth had a low long stretched desk with workstations and a huge emagic sign with backlit screenshots hanging down from the ceiling. Very cool. Very future. Possibly very expensive.

Dance act Zenith Nadir from Fresno stopped by to say hello. I (the webmaster) looked like someone just had force fed me a gallon of acid or something, so for this pic I had to borrow the head of our sales manager, Niels. Thanks Niels. I used it carefully.

Saturday night, we took the guys from Midiman to Newport Beach Of All Places. Good food, and as a bonus, we got to see some of the crew on TV. Yes, Fox 11 news had coverage from the NAMM show, featuring Mark and David from Midiman.

Niels Larsen and the Midimen featuring Michelle, performing at the sea side saloon in New Port Beach Of All Places. Michelle is Marks sweet voiced girl friend. You saw her here first folks.

Dan, practicing The Funky Gibbon™, a designer walk designed by Stefan,

Ernst couldn't resist the Pacific Ocean and just had to go and wet his feet. He obviously didn't notice the waves in time.

More pics from the will follow as soon as we can update again.