SpyCam January 2003 - The NAMM comeback!

Once Christmas is over, it's time for NAMM! As usual, some of us Propellerheads are here to see friends and associates, exhibit our products and share some news with the world.

A photo pan over the booth just as we are beginning to set the equipment up. What a mess!

...on the other hand, the whole convention center looks like a mess before the show opens. Here is the aisle between the M-Audio/Propellerhead Software booth and the Digidesign booth. It looks like backstage of a seriously wrecked rock concert. 12 hours 'til opening time.

A nice break in the preparations. Jodi and Vanessa from M-Audio came over with our Macworld Eddy award. Best Music Software!

A close-up of the Eddy and the Electronic musician Editor's Choice awards. [insert tear soaked voice] 'We want to thank the academy, my friends and all the people who believed in us. We love you all...' [back to normal dry voice again].

Ian Duncan and Simon Price came with us from the UK to do the main stage demos. Here they are rehearsing their act after getting a new DJ mixer to plug their PowerBooks in. The friendly people at Numark were kind enough to lend us one, after the one we brought from Sweden went up in smoke due to a little 110/240 volt mishap. Oops.

The booth finally came together! It was a last minute rush since our demo stations got stuck in US Customs. Our sales manager is now the sole nominee for the IWTNFAAROYRWOP-awards ("I Wont Take No For An Answer Regardless Of Your Rules, Workload Or Proceedings"). I think the Customs people finally agreed to release the goods only to get rid of the increasingly obnoxious swede in the phone.

Simon and Ian demoing Reason on the main stage. A cool thing about their demo is the way their PowerBooks are in sync so that the music never stops when they are fading into a new section of the demo.

Kristoffer addressing the crowd. Traffic through the booth was unusually good for a first day this year.

Donca Matic? Korg turns 40 years this year and they celebrated by having a museum of old Korg gear in their booth. This is Korg's first drum machine, the Rockmate Donca Matic. Wonderful name! Actually, one of the names on the suggestion list for the naming of Reason drum machine was BonkoTronic. Not too far off.

Cheezy-yet-cool laser show in the DJ section of the show.

Ernst and Charlie Clouser enjoying the metal demo song by Clawfinger. Charlie is an avid Reason user and is the man behind the Four Notes demo track in Reason 2.0.

Blurry hero. In the Rane booth, Grandmaster Flash did a performance and talked about his signature DJ mixer.

Stefan and his enthusiastic audience at the demo desk. Some people stayed for over 30 minutes to listen and learn. We are quite sure Stefan used Jedi Mind Tricks to lure people to stay that long.

The entrance to the Roland 'booth'. It's silly to call it a booth since it's actually more like a show on it's own. Rolands new gear this year included the mighty MC-909 groove box.

It is usually the DJ gear companies that rival the guitar making companies for the IBBBITB-trophy (Irrelevant Big Boobied Blonde In The Booth). Don't know what that says about DJs, Guitar players or the people that equip them. This shot from the Gemini booth has been digitally altered slightly since we're not an adult web site per se.

Earth, Wind & Fire performing with Reason in the M-Audio booth. Unreal. Surreal.

The Earth, Wind & Fire performance gathered quite a crowd in and around the M-Audio booth. Check out the headbanging silver fox to the left!

More awards! Here is the cool-looking Remix Magazine award for best soft-synth workstation.

Ernst and Digidesign's Dave Lebolt shaking hands after the Digidesign announcement that they will support ReWire 2 in coming versions.

The show is over and it's time to pack up. Stefan and Michael takes the opportunity to get some sleep while waiting for our 'empties' to arrive. Before the show starts, you ship away your empty crates and boxes to a remote storage facility. When the show is over, you sit in piled of audio cards and computer hardware and wait for your boxes to be brought back so that you can finish packing. This year, we gave up after waiting for four hours and went for dinner instead. So much better to pack at 8 in the morning after a late night at Downtown Disney...

Kristoffer, Stefan, Ernst and Tage at Melrose Ave. in Hollywood. The annual shopping spree on Melrose has become a post-NAMM ritual for us before we go home. This year we managed to get 25 minutes of shopping before heading back to LAX, and ultimately, Stockholm.

Stefan found what he was looking for. Mexican wrestling masks. What a catch!

Three Caballeros. Stefan, Kristofer and Michael shows how to ride the rental (dubbed the Sleazemobile) with style. Actually, Stefan put the masks in a plastic bag as we went through the stringent security checks at LAX. Lucky for him, nobody bothered to check what he had in it. Bringing wrestling masks to a flight isn't suspicious, is it?

Meanwhile, back in Stockholm...

With no Ernst around to keep things orderly, the Propellerheadquarters erupted into chaos, empty boxes flung everywhere!

More boxes, and they all seem to contain, or have contained, some kind of sound card or audio interface...

Well, there's an explanation for all this. Loui is very busy making sure that our new utility, "Reload", works in every kind of hardware environment imaginable. Loui has formerly helped us out with beta testing and other important tasks, but is now in charge of support here at the Stockholm office. We'll try to get a better photo of him (and the other new guys who recently started working here) soon!

While Loui is trying hard to identify any potential problem with Reload, Jonas - one of the Reload developers - is hiding behind his impressive sampler rack, possibly thinking that Loui can't find him, he can't give him any bug reports.