SpyCam March 2003 - Going to Germany

March means going to Frankfurt to exhibit at the Frankfurt Musikmesse and meet the people from the German propellerheadquarters.

As usual, the booth looks like a mess to begin with. The crew at Primetec, the company putting the booth together, did a good job though. Most of the stuff was already in place when we arrived.

Felix, Simon and Stefan trying to piece our all-cardboard towers together. Stefan looks a bit to unhappy to handle that knife. Someone might get hurt. The obnoxious photographer perhaps.

Pizza time during setup. Notice that starship Steinberg has landed in the background. Normally, we always plan to finish in good time for dinner, having plenty of time to sleep and prepare for the show. However, some little stupid detail always goes wrong. This time we needed USB extension cords, something that wasn't easy to find. It took us a good two hours to track down a computer store that had extension cords, and then it was well beyond dinner time. Hence the pizza.

Ernst and Wolfram indulging in pizza.

Tage, drenching his USB-cable voes in Koka Kola.

The Propellerhead Powerbook Club celebrating the opening of our AirPort network connection. Kristoffer looks like he's saying 'look mom, no ethernet!'.

Stefan chilling in our chilled out lounge area. Notice how our funky carpet somehow spread to the wall. We think it's contagious. We'll have to warn our neighbours. We have Ableton on one side and Elektron on the other site, so we've got nice company.

The obvious after-shot. The Propellerhead Software booth in all it's glory. Open for business soon.

Open for business! The first day of the messe started off with loads of visitors, loud music and, eh... fuzzy spycam pictures. The 2.5 release was greeted with much enthusiasm from the people who came to watch the demos and to try Reason 2.5 hands-on.

A close-up of our beloved carpet that covers the floor in our booth. And yeah - some shoes as well. Not covered by carpet of course, but in the closeup. This is getting complicated.

Our neighbors to the left is Elektron, makers of the immensly cool SidStation and Machinedrum. They gave a first-look-behind-glass preview of their new synth, the monomachine. Apparently it comes packed with weird synthesis methods, effects and a sequencer too. Plus, it looks like a synth from Space 1999. Cool machine. They said we'd possibly get to listen to it tomorrow.

Our neighbors to the right is Ableton with a slick booth all in green.

Our neighbors at the back of our booth, Open Labs, with their mammoth computer-gone synthesizer workstation open synth. This unit comes with Cubase SX and a bunch of software synths. They are going to put Reason in there too eventually. A synth that you can play quake on! This would be the one synth that Marcus would buy.

The hardest working man in the music business, DSP Guru Peter Jubel, pondering whether it's possible to turn the sofa into an algorithm. The couch turned out to be a sanctuary, especially since the messe is open to 19.00 this year.

The mulletheads are out in full force. Last year's show was a bit of a disappointment, mullet-wise, but this year looks good so far.

Another mullethead. This one was a bit quicker and managed to dive behind his buddy to cover his face. The SpyCam is a very good camera for mullethunting. The Nikon CoolPix 995 can swivel it's optics while you look at the LCD, so that it looks like you are shooting in another direction. Very handy for stealth mullet hunting.

The 'Super' booth is where companies like Jomox, Doepfer and MFB exhibit their cool analog gizmos. Here's a wall of funky effects, pocket sized drum machines and miniature synths. Their whole booth looks like a synth shop from a Mad Max movie, if Mel Gibson would ever decide to switch to music making instead of senseless killing sprees.

Simon before a spellbound audience listening to his Reason 2.5 demo. Especially the Scream 4 seemed to strike a chord with the Frankfurt crowd.

Spaßfaktor!!! We don't really speak much German, so when we were handed the Key's reader award for best Spaßfaktor the first time, we weren't sure what to think. Apparently, it means that people think it's fun to use Reason and that can't be all wrong. This is Reason's second Spaßfaktor award being received by our CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös and our German office manager, Wolfram Bittenbinder.

Overseas visitors! Look who turned up! Peff crossed the Atlantic to check out the messe and meet up with some friends. Here he is with Su, Ian and Simon, also known as the Flatpack Kru. Actually, quite a few old ReBirthers are coming over the weekend. It's really cool to meet people face to face that you until now only have known by their internet handles.

Award time! We are proud to receive the 2003 MIPA award for best software instrument. Here's Ernst and Pelle receiving the award at a ceremony at the Frankfurt Mess. The MIPA award is handed out after a nomination and voting process involving the editors of 55 international music magazines. This is Reason's second MIPA award.