SpyCam December 2003

No real theme this time. Since it's been so long, this months SpyCam will just try to sum up the fall of 2003. Hopefully, the following photos will give you an idea about what the every day life at the propellerheadquarters is like.

Now, we've had quite a few improvements done to the office lately; here's a few of them.

This man is a trained professional, don't try this at home! Michael is busy shining the lens of our new ceiling mounted projector. No more trying to squeeze together to look at a tiny computer screen. It's a brave new world.

More proof of Michaels proficiency at working on high ladders. And unlike all the cafés you see with clocks like these, we actually have use for them. No more waking our overseas associates in the middle of the night by mistake.

Loui hard at work with giving the office a touch of class, putting up some sort of light box with a waterfall. It has a clever device inside, making the waterfall appear to be moving. Of course we took it apart to figure out how it worked!

Probably the most appreciated newcomer; our new coffee machine. According to the guy who sold it to us, these are all the rave in Italy right now. I guess we'll just have to trust him.

We used to be really bad at taking care of the awards we won. Except for large quantities of paper for the printers and a stack of phone books - our TEC award, a Remix technology award and various awards from Keys, MacAddict and Macworld can be seen in this photo.

No more, though! Our cozy corner now has shelves to display our awards for all to see. Nice.

This is a photo of Tage being very excited about the new cases we'll be using to ship our things to NAMM and similar events. Our own cases - rock n' roll!

This is a photo of Tage (and Micke) being very much less excited after discovering that the guy we hired to spice the cases up with some Propellerhead logos, managed to put one upside down. It's been fixed now though.

This photo was taken so that we would always remember the day when Micke and Patrik discovered that they looked very similar. Jeans, gray long-sleeve shirts, short-ish dark hair. Two peas in a pod!

Speaking of peas in a pod, here's Pelle from 802, Johan and Michael, trying out an early prototype of the Reason hoodie.

This is the only in-focus photo taken during a night of LAN-gameing, sushi and beer that Micke arranged. Jonas (left) discovers new worlds of sound (on the turntable at the moment: (who's afraid of) the art of noise?) while Solis (right) relaxes with a beer. Getting tired of parenthesises yet?

Immensely proud November employees of the month. It is still unclear why Tage suddenly decided to start handing out this award and it seems there won't be one for December either, so it was probably one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Some people just can't wait until Christmas before unwrapping their presents. Here's Ernst playing with his new microKONTROL and Tage... doing some very fast movement with one of his hands. Big news in this photo: Ernst now wears glasses!

The end of the year saw the website get a facelift so that it now follows the Propellerhead graphical guidelines. Since there was just too much work for the poor webmaster to handle, we enlisted website guru Felix Kjäll to help. For a while Leo Nathorst-Böös helped out as well and we had something very similar to a proper web department.

Another on of those "don't try this at home" things. One of our users sent in this photo (if you're the person in the photo, email the webmaster and we'll put your name here). Guess what? We love you guys too! If there wasn't so many of you, we'd get tattoos of all your names too. Promise.

We'll end this years last SpyCam with a photo of the propellerheadquarters in full x-mas mode. Cozy, huh?