SpyCam January 2004 - NAMM

Better late then never. After several failed attempts to send out his first NAMM 2004 report, Tage finally managed to get these photos and comments through to us:

Memo: Next year, remember to label our shipment "Fragile" and "Don't stack".

A rare shot of Tage's Future Goggles while trying to track down the last shipments that got stuck in Customs. U.S. Customs haven't exactly helped us this year and six full days have been spent trying to get the stuff over the border.

Loui taking a PowerNap among the computer boxes in our conference room.

Finally open for business! In the last minute we realized that we were one 1/4" cable short and couldn't do our demos without it. It's a good thing M-Audio is next door and it's a good thing we don't plan trips to the moon. In space, no one can lend you a cable.

Old friend showing up again! Ernst is flanked by Thomas, Sandra and Peff.

Stephanie presenting the Teaching Music with Reason project, apparantly while praying that the mic won't go into horrible feedback noises again.

James is our newest addition to the team. Here he is showing ReCycle 2.1 on Mac OS X - a most welcome update.

Marsha is our press agent in the US and she's also the biggest SpyCam fan on this planet. Marsha, you made the SpyCam again.

A delighted Tage receivs the invisible ReMix award. The award is made out of glass and can just barely be seen, but it's there. We promise!

Reason super-user Roy stayed in our booth a long time and surprised the staff with his in knowledge of Reason and music. You saw him here first

One of the tables of our company dinner at Spicy Thai. The Spicy Thai is such a rare thing as a non-franchise resturant in Anaheim and the food is excellent. Here's Peff, Johan, Sandra, Wolfgang, Nina, Thomas and Tage. We did try to make the annual panorama shot at the other table, but the pictures came out too darn ugly to show.

And that may, unfortunately, be all we hear from Tage while he's at NAMM. A few hours after this report was delivered, Tage sent a short text message to the webmasters mobile, letting us know that his camera had 'disappeared'.