SpyCam June 2004

Summer is here (although in Sweden, "summer" often means the snow turns into rain and the ice turns into mud) and most Propellerheads are getting ready for some well-deserved time off. The last few months haven't been very eventful but there's still a few photos we feel like sharing.

Coffee is a very very very very very very very important thing at the propellerheadquarters. When our (never very trusty) Euro2000 machine broke down sometime this winter, the hunt for a replacement began. This is the first one we tried. It made ok-tasting coffee but after the third machine in a row broke down and started leaking, we got kind of sick of it.

This digital, half-automatic monster was never very popular. It was always complaining about this or that, made gross coffee and couldn't steam milk to save its life. It, too, ended up in our windowsill coffee machine graveyard.

Then, after hours and hours of searching and researching (and even a poll about whether we wanted another half-automatic or not), it arrived! Complete with a grinder, cups and glasses.

Here it is - our new coffeemaker! It's a dead serious, all steel, heavy, no nonsense professional piece of machinery and it rocks!

Just look at it! The pressure meter, the tubes (that you can't burn your fingers on since they've got silicon tubing inside them), the grille, the chrome... everything about it just screams "I make good coffee!".

This is the man who delivered it - the king of coffee! But his work didn't stop there, he spent half a day here teaching us how to work the machine, how to clean it, how to adjust it and so on. And before he left, he spent ages on fine-tuning the grinder and the machine, making cup after cup of espresso until he was satisfied with the taste.

Here's Loui enjoying the first cup of espresso that the king of coffee deemed drinkable. I don't know if this photo is supposed to be arty or if Micke just doesn't know how to switch the flash on...

Ola doesn't like strong coffee, he prefers it with lots and lots of steamed milk. However, when the king of coffee offers you a cup of espresso, you don't say no - even if it tastes like burnt tires to you.

Here is the original coffee machine that noone except for the financial department uses anymore. The water heater is probably also on its way to the windowsill machine graveyard.

More stuff

This photo of Stephanie showing "Teaching Music with Reason" to some furry friends at a fair for educational stuff is pretty funny. Stephanie is the woman behind our "Teaching Music with Reason" material and this is the first time the box hasn't looked extremely oversized (it's b-i-g!).

How do you know Tage is having a bad day? Well, this half-eaten burger tells you he had to eat standing up by the fax and he didn't even have time to finish.

How do you know Tage is having a bad month? The sad state the blimp is in tells you it's been all work and no play for quite a while. Don't worry, we've refilled it now.