SpyCam January 2005 - NAMM

NAMM-cam day 1

The show has opened and we have been showing Reason 3 to an enthusiastic crowd all day. People just love the combinator, and some of the patches in the new sound bank give people the same smiling look as when they first saw the dangling cables on the rack back side.

So the booth finally came together. Note the luxurious new demo stations. They are cool and all, but since it was the first time we assembled them, and have some 100 rack mount screws each, it took forever. Really.

The audience is checking out one of James' Reason 3 demos. Look hard and see if you can spot any familiar faces.

Speaking of familiar faces... Here's Magnus, Wolfgang and Sandra, victims of jetlag during the first day in California.

Two, no three actually, jolly green demo staffers. Stefan and Leo is eagerly waiting for new visitors to brag to about Reason 3.

More green men in our green couch. One look at the colors and it could easily pass as something that we had tried to color match.

More pictures to follow as soon as the trusty namm cam operator is released from the hectic schedule at the show.

NAMM-cam day 2

Thursday and Friday are usually the more quiet days, while the weekend days are packed. We managed to sneak out of the booth and have a look around to see what's going on in the other booths.

Want synth? Got $9000? Korg's new monster workstation synth is supposed to do everything. It comes with a price tag.

Want synth? Got $10000? Buchla's monster analog looks cooler than anything else and sounds, eh... analog.

This year's offering from Metasonix: The TX-1 Agonizer and TX-2 BUTT PROBE. Check out the control names. These distortion units are apparently not meant for LA session guitarists if you are to believe the product leaflets.

NAMM-cam day 3

Saturday - crowd day!

Weekend means lots and lots of people in the booth to watch our demos. It's cool to see the reactions when James shows off the combinator tricks.

JamesTV! James in front of the SonicState.com cameras. Check their site!

Our green couch was the coziest corner at hte whole show it seemed. Here's Mix magazine editor Sarah Jones with our US press agent Marsha Vdovin. Yes Marsha, you are on the spycam again!

Another two frequent guests in our green sofa: Magnus 'Malström' Lidström and Thomas Merkle. You may have heard of his work. He did the graphics in Reason 1.0 together with his brother Wolfgang.

On Saturday night we fulfilled three long standing NAMM traditions:

  • Meeting for Pizza at that place on Anaheim blvd/Lincoln.
  • Taking the panorama shot.
  • Getting too tired to drive to the Native Instrument party downtown.

NAMM-cam day 4

Sunday, closing day.

More booth crowds on Sunday.

One of many great mullet shots collected during this show. The faces have been changed to protect the innocent.

Kurt, aka Peff taking photos of the SpyCam in operation during dismantling of the booth.

What goes up must come down. Just a couple of hours after the show closes, the sleek trade show looks like a dump. Dismantling is about the most boring thing you can do actually.

Loui's photos

Our head of tech support, Loui Westin, also brought his camera to NAMM. Here's a few of his snapshots.

What the *beep* is that? Well, it's the V-1 Keyboard Guitar of course (a.k.a. the Keytar)! It's got 12 strings and the neck is played with full size piano keys in place of frets. Supposedly the perfect thing for piano players who want to pick up guitar without having to re-learn everything. Fortunately, there's a lot of blind piano players out there...

Though most booth visitors seemed to find James' demo sessions quite captivating, this young Reason user apparently felt he'd heard it all before and decided to have a nap instead. In our booth. On the floor.

James Bernard and Ludde Carlson, the Reason product manager, jam in the Propellerhead booth.

Stephanie Sobey-Jones, our Education Coordinater, demoing the Teaching Music with Reason package for music education.

Finally! When our regular SpyCam photographers fail to deliver, Loui steps in and saves the day: a good shot of our new demo stations. Lots of shiny metal, very space-age indeed!

The origins of this photo is a bit unclear. Some say Stefan is trying to teach Micke his designer walk; The Funky Gibbon™ and some say he's just showing off the classic dance-move "carrying the TV". Who knows?