SpyCam August 2006

The triumphant return of the SpyCam! Though the SpyCam has seemed to be hibernating, the staff at the Propellerheadquaters have been going about their business as usual. Here's a little round-up of some of the things that have been happening the last seven or so months.

The beginning of the year saw a bunch of Propellerheads make the traditional trip to the Messe in Frankfurt. Here's John B trying out an expensive-looking piano.

Here's a set of less expensive-looking keys; the Play n' Roll keyboard.

Aaand... back to expensive-looking! Enogh LEDs and patch cables to make Mats' mouth water. Not to mention it has both "Modular" and "Analog" written on it.

Testing, testing, can you hear me? Everything seems to be ready for the press conference. Yikes, that's a lot of mikes!

Back in Stockholm, Adrian appears to have ended up in a wheelchair, but is actually just showing off his new set of wheels. Dr. Everett Scott anyone?

We used to have a sauna upstairs, but since we're more into making music than sweating in the nude together, we converted it to a simple project studio. Some of the 'upstairs' people decided to give it a ReWire-session spin. Here's Dan, twisting knobs like there's no tomorrow.

Graphics guy Andreas looks happy though he's having to stand outside the actual studio. Getting dangerously close to a session musician stance there - legs wide apart and the bass comfortably high.

We should get a longer shoulder strap for our bass. But, being the in-house doctor Funk, Ludde probably wants it that way.

To complete the rhythm section, Jocke bangs the drum with an Oasis-esque coolness.

What the heck, let's throw in an artistic shot, just to show off the nice light you can get in an old sauna, that reddish glow - you can almost smell the burnt wood and... ok, let's not get into that.

What's this then? No, Ulrika has not decided to join the Jedi order (although you'd suspect something star wars related would be going on when Jesper lurks in the background). This is a photo of when the P-heads visited the Mosque in central Stockholm. Unfortunately, this is the only photo that turned out even close to being in focus.

And, speaking of apparel, we got Reason sweaters for the PropShop. Erik helps himself to one (and, judging from the number of feet in this shot, others are standing in line right behind him).

Ernst looks immensly satisfied wearing his. Or is it his amazinly shiny cheek that gets him in such a good mood?

And here's another shot of a happy and excited Ernst, who's psyched about being able to run Windows on his Mac. Why not just get a PC instead Ernst? It'll save you both time and money!

Here's another source of much happiness - our new table tennis table! We've recently aquired the other half of the top two floor of our buildings and found ourselves with a lot of space on our hands. What better way to use it? Look closely and notice it doesn't look like Pelle is going to hit the ball.

Dan opts to play barefoot. Doesn't seem to help much though...

Sorry, we have no idea what this is called outside Sweden - we call it 'rundpingis'. By moving a line of players clockwise around the table, anyone who wants to play can join the game. Great!

However, we didn't get all the new space just for indoor sports. The plan was to convert most of it into working space for developers and such. This involved tearing down walls and other cool things. Since developers like to be able to concentrate and dislike dust, noise and flying debris, this had to be done during the summer weeks when the office is customarily closed.

Peter checks out the soon-to-be-destroyed kitchen in the newly aquired area.

Say bye-bye to that kitchen! And parts of the wall.

The building mayhem continues.

Everything important is safely wrapped up though.

The Propellerhead-red floor tiles arrive.

And things start to take shape - look at all that space!

Still, some furntiure would be nice...

Since Leo has graduated to helping out with support issues, we now call on Axel to help out when things need to be carried. To confuse everyone, he brought his friend Alex. Alex and Axel, ok... Looks like a lot of fun to try to sort out that mess!

But the end result was great! The upstairs is now very spacious, bright and nice and all the downstairs people want to move up.

Tomas still has a few cables to sort out though. Micke enjoys his new work space (and being able to sit with his back against the wall).

What better way to test the newly laid floor than to do some radio controlled dune buggy racing? With jumps! Don't worry - we do work too, occasionally.

Just to remind everyone that this house used to be full of industry activities, there's still a crane thingy attached to the ceiling. This thing can lift thousands of kilos. We've hung our little glitter ball on it. Seems wrong, somehow...

And, last but not least in this month's SpyCam; Tage's car! Tage got a brand new car that's nice to the environment and all, but that's the least appealing part of it!

There's a camera in the back of the car, and some sort of sensors, who measure the distance to the car behind, warns you if you're getting to close and makes paralell parking very easy. But wait! It gets even easier!

Because the car actually parks itself. Stop next to a blank spot, push a button and the car will ask whether that's where you want to park. OK it and the car will park itself. You can keep your hands behind your head (which is exactly what Tage is doing here)! Notice his smug face. There's no love like the love of new gear!

Micke watches in disbelief from the backseat (and films it all - that's how excited we were).

Aw, just for the heck of it - what's the point of being in charge of the SpyCam if you can't put a photo of yourself in it? Yours truly, back at the office after half a year of feeding, changing, hanging out in the park and other child-related activities. Check out the tan!