SpyCam September 2006

In an effort to bring you more frequent SpyCam updates, we now present a very slimmed down September edition that focuses on two things only: the new clean desk policy and the work involved in getting the disk out of Mickes computer.

Clean Desk Policy

With the distributor conference just around the corner, Patrik sent out an email, proclaiming we now have a clean desk policy (which means that while we have visitors, our desks can't look like a recycling station for paper and electronics junk). Let's see how well this worked - here are some photos taken the day the distributors started arriving in Stockholm:

We'll start out slow. Adrian claims he's just getting comfortable in his work space and doesn't feel like tidying up. Not too bad though.

Johan still has some cleaning to do but still, this isn't so bad either (pretty far from a "clean desk" though).

Tim tries to bypass the rules by stacking his stuff on the floor. Not sure that's what Patrik had in mind though.

Elisabeth hides in shame and claims her desk was clean when she left it the day before, and that others put all this stuff on it.

And of course, Tage - the king of all messy desks - has the most work to do. He's been here before though so don't worry.

But wait! What is this? Could it be? Gasp! The man who issued the clean desk decree isn't exactly following it himself. Shame on you Patrik!

Good thing there are those who listen. Andreas sent out this image to show he's taken the clean desk thing seriously.

Getting the hard drive out of a Ibook G4

The hard drive on Micke's Ibook G4 has stopped working like it should and even though he used to be Steve (at Propellerheadquartes, Steve is not a name - it's a title, meaning you're in charge of the computers and the network) until less than a year ago, he could not get it out of the computer and had to ask Tomas (the current Steve) to help him. How hard can it be? Very hard, that's how!

Start by removing the keyboard. Simple, just unscrew a gazillion tiny screws and disconnect an extremely small and complicated plug.

Tiny, tiny screws! Don't lose them!

Remove the battery and another slew of miniscule screws and start carefully bending the white, fragile plastic. Look at mister concentration!

Make sure you have plenty of those small screwdrivers - you're going to need them!

Micke watches in shame.

Major breakthrough - the back comes off! Now we're getting somewhere!

Another handful of screws come out (slightly bigger this time) and the first of many protective plates can be removed.

Finally! There it is! We now have visual contact with the hard drive!

More than a little satisfied, Tomas has managed to extract the hard drive in just a little more than 30 minutes. Neat! Now for the task of figuring out what's wrong with it...

Disclaimer: Tomas claims that the process discribed above only applies to this model. Apparently, it's gotten a lot easier - on the new ones you just take out the battery and unscrew two screws. Good thinking! Also, we should mention that although it may seem like we're dissing Mac here, a large number of P-heads are huge Apple fans - just so you know.