SpyCam NAMM 2008

Having gotten through the first day without any major snafus, everyone seemed to have fun and relax a bit more this day. Here's some of the stuff that happened:

Ex-Propellerhead Rob dropped by the booth, as did Arabian Prince

Unfortunately, so did the noise narc - the NAMM sound police - repatedly! Every half hour, this guy drops by with his noise level meter and tells us to turn it down. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to hinder the guys next to us who play Toto's 'Africa' at ear-shatterin levels about every 5 minutes.

Tage films the DJ Pierre demo - expect to see the result on our YouTube page and on this website as soon as he has some spare time to edit the results.

The crowds during the demos in the Propellerhead booth frequently got so big that the people opposite of us got upset since we blocked their booth.

Just to give you some comparison, here's what a typical other NAMM booth looks like during a demo.

Next year, we're staying here! Faux Bavarian charm and fake snow on the roof - somehow, this is sooo Anaheim!

Apparently, this is where Goofy parks.

Speaking of goofy, this company has the best name ever!

As we've already shown, we're not the only Swedes at NAMM, and here's another one: the one and only Yngwie Malmsteen, ready to release the f***ing fury!

Here's Dave Smith, showing his and Roger Linn's new LinnDrum II

After a day at NAMM, your ears are about ready to fall off from all the noise and you feel really, really sorry for the guys working in the cymbal booths!

Here's a nice photo for our in-house Beatles freak, "Sloop" John B.

In the Digidesign/M-Audio booth, we found Chris Griffin, who's contributed sounds to various Propellerhead products, including the Factory Soundbank.

The backstage area of the Propellerhead meeting room may not look very glamorous, but rumor has it that this was Elvis' dressing room when he played the arena that is currently home to the DJ companies. We're all shook up!

The Aux 88 guys, James, Tage and Ernst rock the house during the 5 pm session. Actually, Ernst is only taking a shortcut to the champagne, but still...

Leo in white plastic heaven - getting a new computer at the Apple store.

This is what Tage looks like after a couple of days of NAMM, two beers and a mexican meal. Sorry Tage!