SpyCam NAMM 2008 Saturday

Saturday is crazy-day at NAMM - it draws the biggest crowd and the most stars. Roadblock, lots of policemen... you can tell this is a big show!

These signs will tell you how many more seconds you have to cross the street before cars will come at you again. Sure makes you try to cross those eight lanes a bit faster.

Kurt and Josh started off the day with their demo and instantly had a very well deserved good sized crowd.

Jason McGerr (maker of signature series ReFill Jason McGerr sessions and drummer for Death Cab for Cutie) stopped by to say hi. You can just tell that Ernst's a big fan, right? He is.

DJ Khalil did a great presentation, talking about his work with 50 cent and others, played some new, yet-to-be-released songs and had the crowd bobbing their heads in no-time.

And what a crowd! See the thing sticking up just left of the center. That's someone using their video camera to try to see, that's how much people we had.

Don't worry though, we filmed it and it will be up on this website before too long.

Speaking of getting filmed, here's Ludde being interviewed by one of the many many film teams reporting from NAMM.

The two German speaking members of the Propellerhead crew; Thomas Wendt, our Europe press wiz and Simon Grey, our Europe demo wiz (originally from Australia, mate, but now living in Germany).

In case you're wondering about the blue shirts, Saturday was the day NAMM turned blue in support of IMSTA's Buy the software you use campaign. Read more about it at www.imsta.org.

Remember the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the ark is buried in this gigantic warehouse full of wooden crates? This makes you wonder if that might have been Digidesign's warehouse?

Great! Stay tuned for the new, improved version of this website.

Dinner time! Johan orders a beer sampler and looks quite happy with it.

Three and a half tiny beers later, Johan looks a bit intimidated by his HUGE steak (the photo doesn't do it justice, it was BIG).

Saturday night ended at the Marriot for a big chunk of the NAMM crowd. Here's Josh Mobely with Leo.

And a couple of beers.