SpyCam NAMM 2008

The 2008 NAMM show is now well under way. Here's a glimpse of what happened during the first day (and the day before, some of it)

Before you can do anything, you need to build the booth. As usual, we've changed it completely from the year before, this time it's mainly white, with Propellerhead red floor and details - very sleek and stylish!

If you look behind that wall, things are less orderly though - here's the 'backstage' area of the booth, which doubles as storage space and control room.

Things are nearly done - James and Leo discuss a computer set-up problem.

While Fredrik gets to polish the counter.

Just because you're the CEO, that doesn't mean you're not sent to the store for more cleaning supplies when things are hurried. Ernst looks pretty happy though.

There, everything's done, the carpet is vacuumed and we're ready for the crowd.

10 a.m. and the booth starts filling up with people.

Peff and Josh Mobley gave the show a great start with their deconstruction of Josh's demo song for Reason version 4.

Leo works hard, demoing Reason.

And our own miss NAMM, Ulrika, could finally relax a bit, now that the show was on the road.

DJ Pierre and the Aux 88 guys at the Propellerhead booth.

Peff and Hayden make their best party faces.

Hello Cleveland! Tomas and Ernst wander the endless halls of the Marriot, looking for the Remix and em awards ceremony.

Happy faces all around. Here's the em Editors Choice - Synthesizer Workstation - award we received for Reason version 4.

And here's the Remix award (it's made of glass, look below Tim's face and you'll see it.

The SpyCam had competiton this night. Having a camera that big and fancy is cheating, though.

Since Ernst has a habit of breaking awards (ok, it's only happened once, but still...), Gerry and Sara boxed the awards for safe transportation.

Leo finds the LEGO of his dreams, the millenium falcon. Note that you have to be 16 years old to pull it off - that's pretty old for LEGO, isn't it?

Some people never get too old for it though. Tage shows the others what he's bought.

That's all for Thursday, folks, there's nothing more to see here, please continue on to the Friday page.