SpyCam April 1998

Deep thought? (April 6)

If you squint, you might be able to make out some lines of ReBirth source code... (April 6)

ReBirth RB-338 and Propellerhead Software recently won an award for "Most innovative synthesizer product of 1997" (MM, MusikerMagasinet, Sweden) (April 7)

The secret Propellerheadquarters, at the crossing of two one-way streets. (April 7)

The webmastering / order processing / tech support / kitchen department... (April 7)

DSP-guru and world champ juggler Peter Jubel with 7, 8... 9 balls in the air! (April 8)

OK so we lied... but hey, 5 balls is pretty nifty too! (April 8)

Webmaster Fred wins two Oscars for Best Pair of Sunglasses Indoors (April 8)

OK OK, so we lied, it was James Cameron who got them for Coldest Water in a Movie... (April 8)

Dan, caught red-haired... sorry, red-handed. (April 8)

OK OK OK, so we lied, Dan's hair is actually yellow. (April 8)

On May 1st, Propellerhead will be moving on to a new location. Today we popped over for a first look at the new PHead 'palace'... The huge panorama window in the left picture has a really cool thermostat controlled mechanism which opens and shuts the windows automatically, depending on the temperature... (April 9)

Heads in SPACE! (April 9)

Er... a bit messy right now, but in three weeks time it's gonna be the PHead Paradise... (April 9)

"OK, so two pipes were walking across the street, and the first pipe said to the other..." (April 14)

[Laughter] (April 14)