SpyCam January 1999

We finally got a new cam. Here are the pics.

Magnus brought them over for Christmas. Now they live on top of our Moog Theremin (January 19)

Oh my God, they... (January 19)

A tru spy shot this one (hence the quality). Every day a little old lady goes shopping in the supermarket across the street. She ties her nasty little dog outside and goes in. As soon as she enters the store, the dog starts barking and it just keeps on barking in it's horrible high-pitched bark, like the true Dachshound From Hell it is. It's driving us all mad. This is why ReCycle is delayed. Any creative and not outright illegal suggestions to a solution to this menace can be mailed to the webmaster. (January 22)

Spot the ReCycle programmer. Fredrik is lost deep in ReCycle land hidden behind his rack'o samplers. (January 19)