SpyCam June 1999

On the 10th of June we had a ReLease party for ReCycle 1.7 at our usual hangout, Rangus Tangus in Stockholm. Here's the full report.

The Crowd early in the evening. Looks pretty decent, eh?

The Friendly Rangus Tangus Crew (and DJ Jon).

Former webmaster Fred (right) and Steinberg's Rodney Orpheus (left) discussing the mysteries of life.

The truth is in there...

... said Dan. Developer Dan late in the evening. He's not insane, it only looks like he is.

Fredrik Solenberg, Mr. ReCycle thinks back on the last year of coding, and coding and coding again.

Would you buy a product logotype from the man to the left? Propellerhead Software CEO Ernst (right) with designer Andy who made the original ReBirth logotype.

Would you buy a software synthesizer made by this man? Propellerhead DSP guru Pelle is... well, enjoying himself.

You would buy a copy of ReBirth from this woman? The Prop Shop's Cecilia arrived late after a gig with her all-female jazz combo.

Later on, there was a live performance by The Puff, a band that by amazing coincidence consists of webmaster Tage (left) and Stefan (right, not a webmaster).

Mr. Webmaster doing the filter thing. Trivia: The 303 is one of the machines that ReBirth was modeled after.