SpyCam August 1999

First of all - let us with this picture assure you that Marcus is still alive (although his plan-file update frequency may suggest he's not).

Anyway, Marcus is back from his vacation and unveils a new piece of code to the amused developers. everybody seems to laugh at it except for Fredrik, turning away in disgust, but...

...don't ever laugh at Marcus's code. This is what he had in mind. Cloning himself and giving the clones extra large heads will surely speed up development, no?

Ok, so Marcus didn't really turn the staff into clones of himself as we can see on this pictures. Here Marcus and Dan experience the joy of unpacking new play things. But let's take a closer look the details in this scene...

Note that it is blond week for Dan this week.

Some guys don't stop at anything. This is body art from DJ Sonar. Thanks! (Don't try this at home kids)

Inspiration strikes fast! Pizza crust and Project-X plans on Marcus's desk.

More toys being unpacked. This one brought by Olle...

...who is a great robotics enthusiast. This is his ultra cool robotic Lego kit that he brought in during the Robocup-99 robotic football world cup held in Stockholm this year.

The Lego CPU. It processes sensor signals and control the different devices such as motors connected to it.