SpyCam October 1999 - the (project)X-files

Weird stuff has been going on in and around the office lately. Is it the Millennium, Space Aliens, mental illness or just a bad case of paranoia. See for your self in this Spycam Special Edition!

Part 1 - the Hot Dog shack from outer space

One morning it just stood there. At first we thought it was just any old hot-dog wagon, but after a few days we started wondering (remember the giant coke can?). The guy on the picture above was the first person to approach the vehicle for four days, and he looked very suspicious. Let's take a closer look at just how suspicious this person is:

He actually sported most of the attributes you would think of when dealing with covert alien-related activities and secret agents - and he was smoking all the time too. Yes, I said alien - read on there is more.

Notice on this digitally enhanced detail from the first picture that the leaves has been blown away and have formed a circle around the vehicle. We thought about it and then it suddenly became clear. This is not your ordinary hot-dog trailer. This must be a rocket powered space craft disguised as a hot dog trailer. What is their intentions? Then things started to get weird inside the office too.

Part 2 - Alien infiltration

Recently discovered notes on DSP-guru Peter Jubel are obvious signs of Alien Mind Control. Actually, the guy has several note pads filled with these doodles. It's kinda scary. Click on the images to see them in full size. Some details have been edited to keep people curious.

G4 - Clear Evidence of reverse-engineered alien technology - and we just happened to get it this week. Coincidence? The truth is out there.