Propellerhead Software - A company on a mission

What we do

Propellerhead Software is one of the world's leading makers of software musical instruments. It pioneered the concept of computer based software synthesis, invented the concept of "recycling" sampled sound material and continues to raise the bar for quality, usability and new technology in software based music making. The company's two key software products are Reason and ReCycle. Both of these titles have won prestigious international awards, including two instances of the coveted MIPA award.

In addition to the boxed products, Propellerhead software has developed several key technologies adopted by all the major players in the music software industry: ReWire, REX2 and Remote.

Why we are

Propellerhead Software is on a mission. We have our hearts and minds focused with laser precision on one single target: To provide musicians on this planet with the tools they need to make their musical dreams a reality. We are totally and completely committed to putting previously expensive audio hardware technology within the reach of every musician. As far as we are concerned, the notion of building bulky electronic musical instruments, with cramped displays and compromised ergonomics, most often based on technology that is outdated before it even hits the shelves, is becoming more and more ridiculous. The truth is that with today's powerful computers and pristine audio hardware, a software based solution is more efficient, easier to use and provides a higher quality of result than dedicated hardware will be capable of, ever again.

What it is

For those of you who are not as passionate about this business as we are, maybe we should provide some background: As in many other disciplines, computers have become central to modern music making. Today, most parts of the musical process are done in front of the keyboard and screen; composing, arranging, scoring, playing, recording, mixing, mastering and delivering, you name it.

Propellerhead Software's role in this scenario is to provide the software tools that the musicians on this planet need in order to realize their musical dreams. Our products are used in studios all over the world, regardless of whether those studios also serve as a bedroom or whether they are large Hollywood complexes delivering directly to the record industry. Turn on a radio station that plays any kind of pop music and you won't have to wait many minutes until you hear a piece where one of our titles delivered parts of the result.

Who we are

Our development team has a vast collective experience in product development and audio production. We all grew up with synthesizers and computers, and we all come from diverse backgrounds in the music-, media-, computer- and software world. But development is only one side of the company; marketing, sales, finance and customer service being the other. Field of work notwithstanding; nearly all of us are gearheads or weekend-warrior musicians and producers. We make, sell and market the products that we ourselves dream of using.

Quick company facts

Propellerhead Software has been in operation since 1994. The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is privately owned, self-financed and cash flow positive. Propellerhead has grown organically and remained profitable since year one. The three founders and owners are active in key positions.


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