Propellerhead Timeline

A lot of things has come out the various Propellerheadquarters over the last years. Here's the fastest way of finding out what happened, and when.


Product release


May Propellerhead Software officially formed
June ReCycle 1.0
May ReCycle 1.5
August ReCycle 1.6
December launched
ReBirth 1.0 alpha demo for MacOS released
January ReBirth 1.0 alpha demo for Windows released
Winter NAMM: ReBirth shown for the first time to the press
April Frankfurt MusikMesse: ReBirth 1.0
PropShop launched
May ReBirth 1.0
October ReBirth 1.1
December ReBirth Cherry Coke contest (Dec 18–Jan 18)
March Frankfurt MusikMesse: ReBirth 2.0, ReWire 1.0
May Moved office to Katarina Bangata
July ReBirth 2.0 Website 2.0 launched
November ReBirth 2.0.1
December Work on "Project X" acknowledged
May ReCycle 1.7
January Project X revealed as Reason
Winter NAMM: Reason 1.0
April Frankfurt MusikMesse: Reason 1.0
August Website 3.0 launched
December Reason 1.0
May ReCycle 2.0
October Reason 1.0.1
November Strings ReFill
December Moved office to Rosenlundsgatan
January Winter NAMM: OSX version of Reason 1.0 shown.
March Frankfurt MusikMesse: Reason 2.0
June Reason 2.0
January Winter NAMM: Reload 1.0, ReWire 2.0 for ProTools
February Producing Music with Reason
March Frankfurt MusikMesse: Reason 2.5
April Reload 1.0
May Reason 2.5
December Website 4.0 launched
January ReCycle 2.1 Winter NAMM: ReCycle 2.1, Teaching Music with Reason, REX2 format opened
April Teaching Music with Reason
May Electromechanical
September Reason Drum Kits Rejoice - 10 year anniversary party
November Reason 3.0 announced
January Winter NAMM show: Reason 3.0
March Reason 3.0
May Electromechanical 2.0
September ReBirth is discontinued but lives on at
October Reason Drumkits 2.0
March RDK Vintage Mono
May Reason 3.0.5 Reason for Intel Macs
May ReWire 1.7
August Reason Pianos
December Propellerhead announces Vista compatibility for all products
January Thor tech preview at NAMM
June Abbey Road Keyboards
June Reason version 4 announced
September Reason version 4
May Website 5.0 Launched
Reason Electric Bass
August Reason Premium Edition, Studio Combo, Rhythm Combo
March ReCycle package updated
May Record announced
September Record released
November Reason Soul School
April ReBirth for iPhone
May Record for Education Reason 5 and Record 1.5 announced
August Reason 5 and Record 1.5 released
November ReBirth for iPad released
Record Drum Takes 1–3 released
December Record Drum Takes 5–6 released
March Record Drum Takes 7 released
May Music Making Month
June Reason Disco School released
July Balance announced
Reason 6 announced
Reason Essentials announced
September Balance released
Reason 6 released
Reason Essentials released
October ReCycle 2.2 released
March Reason Essentials price drop
Rack Extensions announced at Frankfurt Musikmesse
April Figure App released
June Reason 6.5 released
Reason Essentials 1.5 released
Polar, Pulsar and Radical Piano released
Propellerhead Shop opens
October Soul School 2 released
November Radical Keys released
December PX-7 FM Synthesizer released Holiday Countdown online activity
February Rotor released
April Reason 7 released
Reason Essentials 2 released
Audiomatic released
June Thor for iPad released
September Propellerhead Blog launched