Reason Essentials

The Reason Platform: More Affordable Than Ever

Distilled from the core of Reason, Reason Essentials comes with a great selection of instruments and effects in a virtual rack that builds itself, or can be infinitely customized. The built-in audio and MIDI sequencer makes recording and arranging song ideas, loops and full-blown tracks a breeze. With an easy to grasp interface, it won't get in the way of ideas and will inspire to make more music.

With Reason Essentials' new exceptional price, we're bringing the world's favorite music-making software within reach of all music makers.

And if you ever feel yourself longing for the advanced mixer features, powerful Thor and Malström synthesizers, or the versatile Kong Drum Designer found in Reason Essentials' big brother, Reason 6, you have a special upgrade path and price.

Exceptional Quality, Exceptional Price

Balance is our new premium audio interface offering unparalleled ease of use, flexibility, and special feature integration with Reason and Reason Essentials software.

Balance is a 2 in, 2 out USB audio interface with a unique input- switching front panel which allows you to connect all your gear, leave it plugged in to Balance, and simply switch inputs from the selection buttons on the face of Balance. This flexibility means you can always stay focused on the creative task in front of you and never on the technical task of swapping cables on the back.