About Propellerhead Software

Propellerhead Software was founded in 1994 and has rapidly grown from a background technology resource into one of the leading forces in music and audio software.

Propellerhead Software and its founders have, even prior to 'the beginning' in 1994, provided background technology - as well as complete products - to other major players in the music software and hardware industry. In its first year, the company released ReCycle!, a product which got an exceptionally positive reception. It was hailed by the music press (won an Electronic Musician award in 1995) and has since become the de facto industry standard for editing drum loops and grooves.

The development of native audio programs made it obvious that there was a need for a file format, that instantly followed the tempo of audio applications. The REX file format developed first for Cubase VST, did exactly that, and has since been the inspiration for countless products with similar facilities. Now in its version 2.0 incarnation, ReCycle! is ready to inspire musicians anew.

The second release, ReBirth RB-338, catapulted Propellerhead to a whole new level of popularity and recognition. ReBirth has become one of those rare products with a life of its own; It was released May 1997 and it didn't take long before it grew into an entire Internet 'cult' in a way that no other professional music application has done before - or after. ReBirth has received overwhelmingly positive press reviews as well as numerous awards, and has been a testament to our development team's vast experience in DSP and product development.

The success of ReBirth soon made it clear that there was a need for a link between audio applications and the idea for ReWire was born. The recent development of ReWire 2 allows streaming of audio and midi effectively integrating supporting applications seamlessly with each other.

Reason is the third addition to our portfolio and has already proved to be another 'bulls eye' for the company. This infinitely expandable instrument rack is another step on the way to fulfil the company statement but by no means the final word from Propellerhead Software. In fact, the up coming development of own distribution channels is our commitment to the future, and a sign that, in many ways, we have only just begun.

The commitment - Four solid cornerstones.

This company is committed to putting previously expensive audio hardware technology within the reach of every musician. This commitment rests on four solid cornerstones:

  1. State of the art digital audio signal processing.
  2. Well designed and attractive user interfaces.
  3. Solid, effective and flawless code implementations.
  4. IT-based sales, marketing, distribution and support.

Propellerhead Software is a privately owned company based in Stockholm, Sweden.