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British Powerhouse, Songwriter And Producer, Derek Bramble Taps Into Reason’s Creative Muse For Making Musical Magic With Top Pop Artists

Stockholm, Sweden (August 11, 2009) – What do American Idol, David Bowie, Faith Hill, Elliott Yamin, Sweetbox, and Anastacia have in common? They have all turned to British powerhouse, songwriter and producer, Derek Bramble when they’re looking for their next hit. Bramble is the music industry’s best-kept secret—the man behind the scene who is responsible for certified double, triple, and even 5 time platinum albums. Reason has played an integral part on Bramble’s recent projects with UK jazz/pop chanteuse Mim Grey, American Idol winner Ruben Studdard—and on virtually every production he’s put his mark on in the last three years.

Bramble uses Reason as a standalone sequencing software package, as well as in tandem with Pro Tools in his production work. “I switched when Reason and Pro Tools started to really get the sequencer and sounds applications together. Reason has a great vibe… it’s musical, a little grimy, and has a character to it that I really dig.”

One of the biggest boons for Bramble working with Reason was the sound choices available to him that allow his creative muse to flourish. “I’m not really that technically minded. I just get into it and see what happens. I have more options available to me, and happy accidents occur that make creating fun again.”

So what’s in Bramble’s Reason rack? “Everything except the Matrix… that thing remains a frickin’ mystery me!”

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