Going further

So you have your Figure masterpiece done and saved. Now what? Are you eager to show it off to your friends? Continue working with it in some other program? Or do you want to play with Figure alongside with other iOS apps. Here are some examples of where you can take your music.


Email your song file to other Figure users for them to remix, rework, and push into new and cool directions. Whether it's a couple lads from Liverpool, a duo of helmet-clad robotic aliens, or those famous 2 guys in a garage... we think you'll agree that great things happen when people collaborate.


sharing from Figure

When you want to share your Figure masterpieces, simply tap the share buttons to share directly to Facebook or Twitter. Your track will play directly in your Facebook timeline or on a share page linked from Twitter.


With Figure’s export feature, you can export your music as an audio file to keep working on it elsewhere or just enjoy listening to it during your morning run.

SoundCloud logo SoundCloud - with Figure's one click SoundCloud sharing, you can publish your tracks to the world's leading social sound platform, making it a breeze to share your music with friends, relative, the world!

The Export to iTunes function does just that—exports your song to your iTunes library so you can also sync the file to your computer through the iTunes library.

iOS audio and sync

AudioCopy logo AudioBus by A Tasty Pixel lets you stream audio from Figure to other supported audio apps on your iOS device. AudioBus is sold separately.

AudioCopy logo With AudioCopy by Sonoma Wire Works, you can copy your whole song and paste it into any iOS application that supports AudioCopy, such as Retronym’s TableTop, FL Studio Mobile, and many more.

AudioCopy logo WIST sync by Korg. Although Figure is great fun in itself, adding another app to the mix, running in beautiful wireless sync on another iOS device doubles the fun. The WIST technology lets you effortlessly hook up Figure with any other WIST capable app on any iOS device within Bluetooth range. Use it for jamming with your friends or use it to broaden your own sonic palette with Figure on your iPhone running along with ReBirth on your iPad for instance.

So what can you sync with Figure? Check out this list of WIST compatible apps.

Collaborate with Figure