Color your music and get the sound you want with Reason's rich palette of effect units.

Effects add life and character to the elements that make up your music and of course, Reason has a bountiful offering for you. Whether you are looking for a high quality reverb for your vocals or a multi-band-gated-filter-with-envelope-follower, Reason's got you covered.

Easy routing

Adding effects in Reason couldn't be easier. Each instrument in the Reason rack has its own mix channel device. The mix channel has a slot for effects and that's where you drag the effects you want to apply. If you want to change the routing manually, hit the tab key to access the back of the rack and connect anything to anything, Reason style. Adding effects to the mixing consoles effect sends is just as easy – just right click the effect return section and select what effect to add.

Sonic destruction

Edge, life, sparkle, noise - call it what you want. Distorting and squashing a sound is a very effective way of adding that special something to your sound. Luckily, Reason comes fully equipped for sonic destruction. The highly acclaimed Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit is a multi-mode sound mangling utility that adds all kinds of distortion – from the gentle tape compression to full-on sonic mayhem. Its less-evil cousin, Pulveriser Demolition, combines compression, distortion and filter and modulation to create a beast of a processor that makes just about anything sound… better.

Sound sculpting

Creating the sounds you are looking for should be a fun and rewarding endeavor. Reason comes with a number of processors that is particularly inviting for these kinds of audio exploration sessions. The Alligator Triple Filtered Gate is a multi-band processor that handles pattern controlled gating, filtering and envelope shaping for three parallel bands.

An often overlooked device when it comes to sound sculpting is the vocoder. Reason's BV512 Vocoder certainly does its robotic voice duties with flying colors, but does much more than that. Modulate strings with drums, bass with tables - the combinations are endless!

The new Audiomatic Retro Transformer that's introduced in Reason 7 is for audio what your favorite retro photo app on your phone is for images. Add Audiomatic to any instrument, channel or group and select one of the 16 snapshots—VHS, vinyl, gadget or even mp3—to instantly change the sound and character of your track.

Singer's delight

Sometimes singers find it hard to stay precisely in key. Perhaps that's just what you want. But perhaps you need to tighten up the vocal performance. The Neptune Pitch Adjustor can gently nudge your vocalist's into key, or go all Cher on your vocal track if that's what you are after. Neptune is also a very powerful voice synth that can create harmonies based on your MIDI input.

Putting the Twang in Reason

When recording guitar, you want access to tools tailored for your instrument. Reason comes installed with separate guitar and bass POD® units from amp and cab simulation experts Line 6, Inc. With bass and guitar amplifiers available for every single track in your Reason project, you are never short of interesting tones and timbres.

The final touch

The MClass effects bring you four separate pro level mastering units: Compressor, Equalizer, Stereo Imager and Maximizer. They were all designed to add power, presence and an overall professional feel to your Reason mixes. Load up the MClass tools as a complete mastering suite in the Combinator for finalizing whole mixes, or use the units separately. Apart from being logical and user-friendly, the MClass tools sound good. Audiophile good. These units can compete with the finest mastering tools out there, software or hardware.

The rest

Reason's rack never seems to end. Apart from the effects mentioned and linked above, Reason also comes with these half-rack effects:

  • RV-7 Digital Reverb
  • DDL-1 Digital Delay Line
  • D-11 Foldback Distortion
  • ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter
  • CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
  • PH-90 Phaser
  • UN-16 Unison
  • COMP-01 Compressor/Limiter
  • PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
  • Spider Audio Merger & Splitter
  • Spider CV Merger & Splitter